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Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it
Okay, so, where are we? I got back from Uni and hung out here for a bit - I ate, which means that I've had two meals already today, which for me is quite something. Then at some point, I got a text from David, telling me that he had just bought the new Lifehouse album - I hadn't even realised it was available in shops yet. I tried downloading it, but only got looped dummy tracks that the recording industry floods the net with in order to cut down on piracy. No matter - I was only downloading it to see if it was any good - I was gonna buy it either way sooner or later, but if it was good I'd get it straight away.

So yeah, given that I couldn't download it, I instead decided to pop out and get it. Virgin and HMV are five minutes from my front door, so it wasn't a big hassle or anything, and I don't have anything better to do with my time. So I wandered up and bought it, slightly expensive, but worth every penny in my opinion. My travels led me to walk past the waffle stand outside the shopping centre twice - the smell of Belgian Waffles is so intoxicating, my hand almost went to my wallet instinctively. But I was strong, and decided that the (inexpensive) food I have at home would be enough for me. And despite walking past Burger King, fish and chip shops, and countless newsagents on the way, I managed to restrict my spending to just the album. Go me :o)

So I got it home and had a listen, and it really is fantastic. It's this perfect piece of music that's great to just listen to in the background. I've not yet found a specific song that I completely love yet, but I've not listened properly yet. But yeah, it's great background music, and Jason Wade's voice is still fabulous. Imagine Eddie Vedder, just less irritating ;o)

I love Lifehouse so much... I mean, how could I not buy this album? They were my favourite band in the world before The Ataris, and I used to listen to them so much. They sung mine and Jen's song, and sung a few of my favourite songs, which still make every playlist I put together. Plus, I saw them play to a crowd of less than a hundred in a London club before people knew who they were, in their first (and only, I believe) UK gig. I stood next to the stage (which had no barrier, you could just step up onto it), and took a guitar pick from a mic stand at the end. And it was one of the most moving experiences in my life, emotionally, musically... It was awesome.

And so yeah, I got their album, and it's fantastic. I could listen to this thing for hours, and fully intend to tonight. I've nothing much to do - I was going to go to the stand-up comedy at the Komedia (also just down the road from me - living in North Laine rocks), but Jimbo isn't feeling well, so I'm gonna stay in. Perhaps fix my journal layout or something, because it needs doing... Lifehouse, webdesign, graphics... Tonight I'm going to indulge my geeky side, after a reasonably nice day of doing fun stuff.


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