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As posted at Uni:
Heh... I got bored sitting on the beach so I walked to Uni... It's only about four miles, and it did me good (or so I would imagine). Anyway, am here now, as is Sarah. I'm sure she'd say Hi, if I was listening to her :o)

Right, time to show her the rest of the place (specifically the bars - crucial part, that...)
So yeah, walked to Uni from the beach, which was fun. Took over an hour, but I had music, so I didn't mind too much. And y'know, light exercise is good for one, so it's all okay. Finally got there and found myself locked out of the maths block, which was irritating - had to go all the way to York House, log onto the network, find the new combination, then go back and try it. Picked Sarah up from the canteen on the way, then finally got in. You can tell which pigeon-hole is mine - it's the one filled with issues of New Scientist. I stashed them underneath the rack for collection later, and proceeded to get fed up by the lack of course information. Lectures start a week on Tuesday, and I still don't have a clue what subjects I'm doing yet (because they haven't confirmed my choices, and I can't even remember my choices).

After that, since it was nearby, we went to Falmer Bar for a quick drink... I'm kinda glad I did, since on arrival I suddenly realised that the girls outnumbered the guys by about five to one in that place. 'twas kinda cool, that's all. Shouldn't be surprised really - Sussex is about 54% girls anyway, so we're outnumbered. That being said, it tends not to make much difference to how it all works out.

Anyway, I actually really enjoyed being on campus. Suddenly I'm in the oldest conventional year group (obviously four year courses and graduates don't count), and it gives a really good feeling of confidence and familiarity. Especially with so many freshers walking around with maps and stuff, it just made me feel like I'm a grown up and they're not. Which in turn makes me feel a good deal more comfortable. The point is, though, that I actually really liked being out of the house and at Uni, which bodes well for my academic performance this year - I ought to actually get myself to lectures, simply because I like being around uni. Nice people, nice area, and generally just a place I feel really comfortable at. Hooray, etc.

So yeah, productive day, and kinda helpful too.. :o)


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