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Much as I hate the idea of buying junk food, I think I need some... I've been eating garlic bread, and require something to remove the garlic breath, and to generally sweeten my palette...
And so baby, I'll be missing everything I leave behind
But just maybe I'll be finding what it takes to feel alive

So leave the window open 'cause tonight I think I'm coming home...


I'll see you in my dreams
I've got all my Audio Karate stuff to give out to people now... A few for Shanu to give to influential people he might know, a few for various people I know are into this type of music and who would spread the word, and then a few others for emergencies. And I have a ton of leaflets, so I might bombard people with those sometime (and possibly photocopy a few more at uni). Oh, and I have some AK badges now, and thus starts my badge acquiring mission. Until now I'd avoided it, but now that I have these, I feel compelled to put them on something, along with a load of others.

But right now - shops!


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