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[14:35:58] * Jamie is showered, moisturised, and decked out in black. That can only mean one thing.......
[14:36:04] *** Jamie is now known as Jamie|t0wn

I'm off out. Buying stuff. Woo :o)

Update: Been to Sainsbury's. Bought enough food to last me two days. It cost me £2. I am the Master of Economy and Budgeting, oh yes. There's a few things I want to buy (plates and stuff), so I'm gonna wander around and see if I can remember where Woolworths is. I think it's just by Sainsbury's, so I'll have to walk back, but I don't mind. I just got reminded of how pretty Brighton people are, and so I don't mind wandering the streets for a bit. Over half the people my age I see are goth/punk/alternative, it's fantastic... Oh well, time to go shopping again :o)

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Manchester would be pretty aswell, if it wasnt for eveyone else lowering the stardards *glares at everyone*...

Its lucky I make up for all those ugly people : )

When does alternative stop being alternative and be rather more mainstream....?

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