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Woo! I'm in Brighton :o)

I love this place so much.. Having said that, my house is a fucking tip right now, for which I guess I should blame myself at least in part... It's tidying time. Jimbo will be here at about noon, so I want to have cleaned up the house at least a bit by then, if only my own room...

Broadband Internet... Oh yes.... :o)

Right, time to get tidying, and unpacking, and generally making my room the centre of cool that it deserves to be...

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he's mine now, hands off :p

:O et tu, sarah-e?

*bottom lip trembles*

i'll share him with you :)

hehe, ohh sarah! it's just what i've always dreamed about!!!

Heh, I'm yours, don't listen to any of them :o)


yeah, you're so my bitch :P

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