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Important Message
I suggest you read this. Since I care very much about LiveJournal (I mean, come on, this is where I put my entire life, and it's the mechanism by which I keep my family updated about myself), and I rather hope you all do too. So read it, see what it's about, and help out.

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Where've you been. I don't think I've noticed any updates in a while

Oops! Forgot to include you on Friends list. I feel so bad. Sorry :o)

You're on now - feel free to look back over my life as it has been for the last little while :o)

I feel so bad. Sorry :o)

*shakes fist in air*
Why I ordda

Don't worry about it

If i get time, I shall look back somewhat. But, you've jut done a huge update, which'll take time to ready through

Oh oh oh oh . . *extreme weakness from looking at an overwhelming AND HOT picture of James* . .

Have you always been THAT CUTE? *sigh* That's your best one . . Hehe . .


Aww, thanks sweetie :o)

This thing is a disaster - FFS, LiveJournal is LiveJournal. The way Mark wants us heading now, and I predict that in five years time, this will no longer be LiveJournal. It'll be Yahoo! LiveJournal. Merged with Yahoo! Blogger. Friggen hell.

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