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Damnit, I need slightly-flared jeans... Baggy, at least... And I need a new hoodie... And some cheap t-shirts in colours that suit me... And new shoes. And my hair needs to grow a bit longer so it can be spiked.

A guy from my old school came to the office to talk to us about his tech project... I think I know his mother... Not like that.

Am disjointed. Pub in 40 minutes. Then a list of all the things I've done this summer. Then finishing off at work. Then I go home.

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Basically you wanna look like New Found Glory?

That's rather harsh. You're mean.

So are you denying the allegations?


Gay boy.

Hey, I'm sat here now in a saves the day hoody, etnies t-shirt, airwalk pants and a pair of vans with gel in my hair to make it look vaguely spikey. I might as well be in nfg..

yes you go with those slightly flared jeans!
jeans like that on a guy = well sexy.


You also need tickets for finch in brighton:
FINCH Concorde 2 Brighton SAT 30/11/2002 19:00
tickets from gigsandtours or wayahead :O

No can do, I'm in London on that day, seeing Audio Karate and Tsunami Bomb at the Astoria (I think it's Astoria anyway)

:D me go shopping with you. we buy green cords. for you. yessum. :P

Yup yup, on Wednesday... Lots of shops by my house, we'll find some :o)

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