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Wow, that was weird... Had a very long dream indeed. It started off at home, but it was in fact my home at age 4. Funny that I can still remember how that place was layed out, really... Anyhow, on my computer screen, I saw my "enemies" light flash up red, and was informed politely that the Earth had over 1000 incoming ships. Nuts, I thought to myself. In true Independence Day style (the ships looked the same too), all the major cities of the Earth were levelled, which seemed to happen rather quickly. A news reported called Jennifer informed me of this, and wanted to join my Adjective Army. I told her she could wait her bloody turn, just like every other newbie. We exchanged numbers, and went about our business.

So anyhow, Dad build a little crawl-space behind my room, so I could hide in amongst the piping by the bathroom for when the invasion came. On looking outside, there were a few enemy fighters flying around. We decided that this probably wasn't the best place for us, so we all went down to the caravan in Wales, thinking that it'd be safer. We spent a few days there, which was nice. Then we saw an enemy fighter, and knew that it'd only be a matter of time before they came to get us. We started packing up, and got ready to flee if necessary. Got a call from Jennifer, asking me about whether I should contact the rest of the Adjective Army and talk to them about the situation. I told her that Chas was probably too concerned with his imminent death, and that it wouldn't do much good. She went off to report for Channel 9 on this thing some more. Later that day, I noticed that the sea seemed to be rising. It was reported (by Jennifer) that almost all the aliens had been destroyed (probably by Will Smith et al) and that the last two crafts, in a revenge attack, had fired their city-destroying weapons on the poles of the planet, thus melting the ice caps. By this time, the sea was already up to the bottom of the lowest camping field on holiday. Mum and Dad said that we'd leave in the morning. I pointed out to them that while they were talking, the water had risen to the top of that field, and was slowly creeping into the higher camping field. I got another call from Jennifer just as we were packing up to leave, which showed up on my phone as "SOC Jenn" (dunno why, just did). She said "Hi, this is Jennifer, from Channel 9 news". I simply said "Look, I'm feeling generous, here, have a damned Adjective. Take your pick, I'm giving them away for free. Now go find Chas and do something". Suddenly, as if by magic, the car was packed up, and we were about to go, before I remembered all our childhood toys. I dashed back into the caravan, picked up all the toys in the living room, grabbed all the toys from mine and Ed's room, and went to put them in the car. I found that Dad was in the middle of the back seat, Anna and Ed on either side of him, and my mother was in the passenger seat. I would have to drive. Eek! I went back in, went to get Anna's toys, and then realised that we were pretty much as high up as we could get to from where we were. There was nowhere to run. Faced with the futility of further dreaming, I woke up.

Fucking weird, to be honest... Oh well :o)

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Can I have an adjective? *spook*

Sure thing. Name the Adjective, and it's yours.

Whats an adjective again?

What? I'm allowed to bestow Adjectives on worthy people. It's one of the perks of being Adjective Army High Commander :o)

Well, like, what's your point? It's true - I may bestow Adjectives willy nilly. Read the rules that I ain't posting yet ;o)

Hmmm, it seems that the dictionary that you keep where the sun doesn't shine (see earlier drunken post for exact location) doesn't work in dreams.


Also your tenses seem to be shot to pieces:
So anyhow, Dad build a little crawl-space behind my room or are you telling me to do it now?

And as for me letting you drive..........

Not my fault. I was tired when I wrote it, and stuff... Bugger off :o)

Wonderful timing with the song title :-)

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