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Smiles and Improvisation
In the immortal words of Justin Timberlake - "I've done it!". Though in my case, I'm not referring to Britney Spears, thankfully. I finally got my act together, and told the girl on the bus that I thought she was beautiful, as part of my grand scheme to Make The World A Better Place. And not only did I triumph over my own insecurities and fears, but I did so on arguably the hardest day to do it. Permit me to explain...

Normally, this girl travels alone, doesn't speak to anybody, doesn't smile. She reminded me of Claire in several ways, which just made me a little more fearful of talking to her, because I know that Claire's response to such a thing would be to tell the person to fuck off. Anyhow, this day was different - there were people on the bus, sitting near her, that she actually knew. They were guys, who were talking about how cars that drove past were 'puffy cars' - they were those students who get into the sixth form because they just scraped four Cs and a B at GCSE.

So anyway, they were sat there, engaging in some sort of moron-speak style conversation, and occasionally one of them would say something to the girl, who seemed unimpressed by their nonsensical crap.

Well, I decided early on during the journey that I had to talk to her. Because what if I got on the bus today, and she wasn't there? I'd have forever missed my chance. So I decided that on the third corner before my house, I'd go over there, talk to her, and then be able to leave the bus immediately afterwards, thus proving that my only motive was to be nice, and that I don't want anything from her. I sent a text to Liam telling him to slap me if I didn't do it, just to give me that bit more motivation, and to mean that I had to live up to expectations.

So yeah, butterflies in stomach throughout the journey, we finally got near home, so I switched seats over to the one in front of her, and said something like
Hi, look, this is probably my last ever journey on this bus, and so I had to say this. I'm motivated by nothing but honesty here, and I just wanted to tell you that you are really astonishingly beautiful. Anyway, I'm going to go now...
And so I did. I turned around, walked to the front of the bus, got off, and walked off home. And I didn't look back once, because that's not how it works. Judging from her reaction to it, I think it was a good deed - she seemed to smile and blush a bit, and not in a bad way. At no point did her body language of expression say 'fuck off'.

Added to the girl at the No Use gig, that makes two now - both smiled, both seemed confused, but generally happy. And thus, the sum total of human happiness is increased, and we're one step closer to everybody being nice to each other. And one day, if I can just get the confidence to do it, I'm going to change the world.

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This has to be one of the strangest posts i've erad in quite some time!

Does your mission to make the world a better place consist of going around telling people that you fancy them?? That just seems a little too mental to fathom :/

I'm not having a go btw, whatever makes you happy dude....


Depends how you define "fancy" really... I wouldn't say I fancied her - I thought she was really beautiful, but I didn't really want her or anything.

I just think that if I think somebody is beautiful, then I should tell them they're beautiful. Most people I know would appreciate the sentiment, and it's nice to make people smile :o)

hehe, there's something so pleasingly 70's about that :P

*rolls a joint*

If someone told me that a random guy had just come up to them and said they were beautiful, my reaction would be "what a nice guy".

So yeh, you did a good thing.

Good good.

There's all sorts of rules to the thing though.. You have to leave immediately after telling them, to prove that you're not motivated by personal gain. Like the girl at the NUFAN gig - I told her she was beautiful right before I left and lost myself in a crowd, so that she at least knew that I wasn't doing it to get into her knickers or anything.

Plus, they have to be random. I can tell my friends that they're beautiful, but that's a different thing. It works much better if it's just random people that you think are pretty :o)

It made her smile, anyway. So I'm happy :o)

You do indeed rocketh.
Well done you :)

that was very sweet

i don't know who you are, but i admire your courage, as well as your taste in music

and i want to change the world too, most people do... i think we all do it in our own special way, even if its nothing spectacular, and even if we don't realise it

but anyway, good on ya. keep on livin.

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