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So, I'm at work once more, on this, the last Thursday here. In a sense, I'll miss this place, or at least some of the people. Jon and Craig are really cool guys, and are great to chat to, and the others aren't bad really... But ultimately, my time here is at an end. I've done everything I can for the migration to a database method of storing data - any further work would require an integrated system that would be far beyond my Access / SQL skills. The work I've done on the 8000 Oxygen Permeation instrument over the past two years is now done with, because they've employed somebody to specifically work on that project. My job is now a case of twiddling a couple of knobs on outdated broken instruments, and doing random typing every now and again, and it's lost most (if not all) of its fun.

Looks like tomorrow I might well be going to the pub with the others for lunch... Or drinking... Probably the latter... After all, it's my last day of work, no MD, doesn't matter if I have a few (though not many). And then after work, I go home, and I pack all my stuff up ready for Saturday morning's trip back to Uni. The knowledge that my computer is set up and working down there is a great relief to me - I hate having to transport that thing around and set it all up.

Oh, I have lots to do, and as per usual, I'm going to dwell on that for a while... I'm starting to get bouncy already at the thought of finishing tomorrow, and being free of this place. Have to tell certain people that I've enjoyed working with them, because it's only nice.. Then to Uni. In the first week, I'm going to buy a few new clothes, because I've set some money aside for that out of my budget, and I need more. I like what I'm wearing now, actually - it's a kinda lime green t-shirt, it's my brother's, and consequently it's too small for me. And I suddenly remembered why it is I like wearing small t-shirts - they actually suit me. They show off my upper arms (one of the few parts of my body I'm actually proud of), and sometimes they even show off my chest, which is fun.

Among other projects to Uni are things like travelling a little bit... Though costly, I want to go up to Manchester again in the next few months, and I've promised my friends at Warwick a visit at some point this year. That being said, David, you know you're always welcome down at my house any time, so you can come visit me too if you want, y'know... But it makes more sense for me to go up there - there's lots of people I like and stuff, and it'd be nice to hang out with them a bit.

Things To Do for Uni... Well for starters, get on the Ultimate Frisbee team properly, damnit. I've got football boots now, and so all I need to do is show up and pay my membership fee - I might be able to do that on Tuesday. Tuesday is the Freshers Sports Fair, which means that there should be Frisbee stuff going on. And if Jimbo's around, we might go out recruiting people for it, unless it's already being done. So my plan thus far - Saturday is moving back down. Sunday is buying in food, tidying my room, playing with my computer a bit. Monday is clothes shopping, followed potentially by a trip to the Honey Club that night, for Stardust (70s/80s). Tuesday is the sports fair, followed by The Escape in the evening, potentially with Claire, Jimbo, Vicky, etc., but maybe not. More importantly, Rach will hopefully be there, so I get to show her where I live and stuff. Yay :o)

Food will be good at Uni... Shouldn't be too expensive either - I tend to live off practically nothing anyway... Four loaves of bread per week is probably enough, plus butter, marmite, peanut butter, cheese slices, pepperoni, bacon, pringles, tortilla chips, cheddar, salsa, taco shells, minced beef... And from that, I can have toast, grilled cheese, Ultimate Sandwich, Nachos, Tacos, and.. well.. that's it, but then again, that's all I've eaten at Uni for the past year anyway. Plus, I can share Taco and Nacho ingredient costs with others, since I make enough for several people. And shockingly, the rest of my money is probably going to go on junk food, alcohol, and travel expenses. Mostly alcohol. Oh, and those miniature Chicago Town Pepperoni Pizzas, because I love them. And garlic bread, mmm, that's so good too :o)

And now, as I write this, I have but eight hours of work left... I'll have to get a job when I get to Uni, but I look at it like this; I need at least seventy quid per week to live, that's for food, travel and drink. My student loan takes care of most of my rent. Well I already have about fifty quid per week until the end of exams, so all I need is an extra twenty or so, plus luxuries. And that's what, a couple of afternoons' work a week? I think I can manage that... So I have a feeling that I might actually do okay this year. We'll just have to wait and see....

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Things To Do for Uni...

clusterfuck, shitwit! :)

Knew I was repressing something :o)

work and study dont mix! trust me i work 9-5 on wednesday and friday and do about 20 hours a week at my second part time job, and study full time, admitedly this is about all i do at work, well i do other stuff but common does n e one expect a studetn to accualy work at work? i dont think so.. ok jsut call me a slacker, but i cant take work n e more, if it want for the nice wages, id be out of here as soon as i can!, btu wehat are you thinking ... getting a new job, if i could i would ! :)

Things To Do for Uni... Well for starters, get on the Ultimate Frisbee team properly, damnit. I've got football boots now, and so all I need to do is show up and pay my membership fee

Football boots... for studding people who try to catch the frisbee before you do? Excellent idea. Perhaps they should rename it 'Extreme Frisbee'

No, Extreme Frisbee is where the disc is lined with razor blades... :o)

Ultra-Extreme Frisbee is where you're the only one who knows this fact at first.

I do intend to come visit now I'm pretend loan fueled rich ;o)

Yeah, but you have to bring Liam, Vicki, etc. with you :o)

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