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Our worst enemy turned out to be me
I have the most shocking set of double standards ever, it's rather irritating for me really... Not that I get judgemental over those things where I have double standards, so it's not like I treat people unfairly over it. But I tend to take exception to things that I'm well aware that I do myself, often to an even greater extent. It's like eating a chocolate cake and then getting pissed off that somebody ate a chocolate button or something. Or in some cases even like eating a chocolate cake and then getting pissed off that somebody joked about eating a chocolate button.

And so I just sit there, pissed off at those damned chocolate eaters, and their attitude, and their pointy hair. Pointy hair!! Who are you? I don't even go to your school! And thus the madness continues. But my point, if one can call it that, is that in my head I can be so unfair about things, because I guess when I do things it's different. I know what my motives are, I know what I think about doing stuff. I know that essentially, my heart is in the right place, even if my cock goes astray (figure of speech, not meant literally, not even relevant to this topic but I love that saying). Other people have different motives, different reasons, and I tend to expect the worst in a lot of cases just to save time on the kicking myself later when it turns out that the worst was what it was.

I'd feel much better if I could just look inside their heads and find that they do things for the same reason that I do....

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hehe, what if i ate a chocolate button! hahahahHAHAHA! wouldn't that be FUNNY! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

me = terminal boredom.

Yes, hilarious, there's a good girl... Here, have a pat on the head... :oP

*stamps on your penis* :P

when you were lying down. and i was standing up. so i could stamp good. it's not that your penis reaches floor length. no. it's just knee length. :P

Ha, except that there is no time when I lie down and you stand up. Because I always take you down with me :o)

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