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[01.53.07] <TMA> BTW thanks for suggesting Tsunami Bomb other day - seriously excellent stuff on their EP
[01.54.01] <TMA> I'm tempted to buy it, but it's listed on Amazon as being £10, and I refuse to pay more than £1 a track...

Wow, I actually suggested something to TMA and he liked it.... I'm actually really proud of myself :o)

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hasnt your mother told you to go to bed... tisk tisk... and as for you wanting to warp a childs mind...... well ... i guess id have to say good luck, last time i had work experience ppl at my work i couldnt eva use my laptop, or computer, the idiots always were on them, i say good luck to you!

oh yeha have to add me! its a must you dont know what your missing out on, i found you on misslore's list, looked interesting, add me pls

Uh, I'm twenty years old and unlikely to be told to go to bed any time soon, by my mother or otherwise.

And I'm sure I'll survive without you on my friends list. Just watch me....

you know i accualy thaught you where a decent person, no i didnt know you, and no ive never met you, but something told me you where um... should i say nice, but i guess perceptions change, i thaught it would be fun to see and hear your input on things, but hey! its not like every one is nice.

and i know your 20 do you think im stupid? it was a joke, you know what humans do to start up a conversation, itsa called interaction, and maybee it wasnt all that funny, and maybe im jsut not good enough for you, but im sure if i thaught that you wher ea decent person by just quickly scrollnig through your enterises, then i thaught maybe you might be decent enough to reply nicely,

and the comment on "And I'm sure I'll survive without you on my friends list. Just watch me...."
why would i wait around for you when ther are accouly people who might give a flying fuck about some one.

look i didnt come on here to start an argument, i just was dissapointed that you dont think of me as a decent person, i jsut want to know why you think of me liek that and then ill fuck off. and if you might think that hey this jon guy is decent, them maybe i might add him thats fine by me, but i doubt thats gonig to happen isnt it.

Hi, I don't know if anyone's ever told you this before but you're a complete moron.


shit i sent that to the wrong person. sorry!

n e ways ill get out of your hair!

hi um sorry again, jsut wanted to say that im sorry about what happened before it was to the totaly wrong person,... can u forgive me?

What are you talking about? Do you have some problem taking it in? Evidently no-one's run it past you before. I'll try again, slower this time so you can understand:


um, first of i wasnt being rude, i was just startign off a conversation trying to be a bit humorous, but i guess it didnt work, second of all, i dont see why you had to be so harsh, i thaught, gee i started a live journal not that long ago, i have alot of female contacts and no contacts in the uk, you sounded interesting, so i thaught that it would be great to have you on my friends list, i jsut want to know why you dont want that? could you please jsut tell me that..... and if your wonderign, no im not being rude, i just want to know why you dislike me so much before you even get to know me?

Okay, first off, you have some real insecurities here - this belief that I hate you isn't healthy, when all I did was tell you that I had no intention of adding you to my friends list.

The point here is this - I don't appreciate being told "add me pls", it just makes me want to hurt things. People. You. Now stop over-reacting, and go away.

(PS, if you type slower, your fingers might hit the keys in the right order. HTH, HAND)

ok, well im soory about asking you to be on my friends list, but you wonder why i have insecurities, because people say things like... "it just makes me want to hurt things. People. You. Now stop over-reacting, and go away.",

so i wont ever speak to you again, but i just want to say, you seemed pretty kewl to me, but i guess that isnt recipricated! so ill go away.

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