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You suck gay pussy, dick deployer
I slept through much of the evening again, because it's cool. So to backtrack, another day at work done, just two remaining, and then I'm free of this Hell hole I once called home, and back to Uni.. By which I just mean this area - my house isn't so bad lately, and things are helped by my not having spent a complete weekend in the company of my family for months now...

I've been learning Letters to God by Boxcar Racer on the guitar. By learning, I mean, I spent about ten minutes yesterday working out the chords and strumming pattern, and now it's really really easy. There's something rewarding about learning a hard song, true, but there's also something good about finding that you can easily pick up a song you really like - it makes me feel like maybe I'm not so bad on guitar if I can just grab my guitar and play it with little effort.

On the walk back from work, I went the back way again, and I saw the cat I helped the other week... It looked all happy, and it meowed at me when I walked past, so I stroked it for a bit, and it was all nice and affectionate. I'd love it if the thing remembered me, but it probably didn't. Shame, my jacket still has rips right down it, and I still have a small scar across my chest from where it sliced me open. Cute little thing, really :o)

Tomorrow I go through the new databases with Pete... That should be good, it kinda validates the work I've been doing this summer, and demonstrates that I've actually made progress on them. Then on Friday, some kid from the school is coming to the factory to talk about the viability of his technology project. I plan to poison his mind, for kicks, because I'm cruel like that.

Today is Birthday Day. Dirk is 23, Kit is 20 (and I was probably the only person to remember that), and my darling Jo is 18... I called her last night at midnight, but her boyfriend Deval got there before me, so I had to just leave her a birthday message.. I've not heard her voice in over two years now - most odd... I miss her :o\

PS, I love you...


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