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This is crap

But only two more days after this....

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Not much... Printing manuals, running tests on instruments, being bored...

How's things? :o)

i'm scanning in fat/not so fat pictoors of me. it's weird how much someone can change in a year...


Why not? It won't make a difference.....

heh. because. not enough time has passed for me to be unembarrassed by them...

So? :o)

I'll find silly pictures of me when I was a kid sometime tonight or something - then you'll laugh :o)

check your email. ha! you'll never fancy me now! hahahaha!

Maybe I'm just crazy, but I see the picture, I look at your face, and my first thought is "Wow, she's beautiful".

So what if you had a larger figure then than you do now? I still think you looked good then anyway, and I totally wouldn't have said no to you a couple of years ago. Because it's your pretty pretty pretty face, and it's your eyes, and it's Rach in there. So there :oP

(cue Rachel going off on one about how bad she looks, as if it'll make any difference, because I still think the picture looks nice)

i'm surprised you can see the face surrounded by all the fat. heh. they could've used me to steam roll tarmac. nevermind. i'm not *that* fat now...


You weren't especially fat then. You have a weird idea of what fat actually is.... I think you looked cute :oP

heh. ok, what actually is fat?

Hmm... I dunno... It's not so much about stupid BMI-related crap or whatever, as just how you look. Which in turn is subjective. So if I say you're not fat, it's true.

pshaw :P you have to admit i was pretty big.

Yeah, a bit above average maybe, but like I said, I still think you were beautiful, and if you'd come up to me back then, I would have jumped at the chance to be with you.

just to check, i *am* thinner now, aren't i? please, god?

Yes. You were a bit above average there, and way below average now. So you're thinner, yes :o)

you're not fat unless you're in nofx. :P

ha! *checks* nope. excellent.

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