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The Unknown James, Internet Dating Superstud

Okay, in future, nobody is to let me drink two cans of Red Bull. Not together, not on the same day, preferably not even in the same week. Because

*bounce* makes me hyper. In my head, there was a "boing!" sound effect for the aforementioned bounce, that's how hyper I am (bear in mind that my ground state is something approximating 'grouchy' when at work).

I was feeling depressed and pissed off, but I can't be bothered with that any more - perhaps caffeine isn't so bad after all. Suddenly I don't give a shit, do what you want, see if I care, I'll sit here in a heap on the floor until you're finished brushing me off. HA.


One of my various claims to fame is the fact that I know all the words to that song... It was cool, when it first came out I was in GCSE French and these girls were trying to remember it, and I was like "Here, let me show you how it goes"... I have rather few claims to fame, so that's an important one.

This morning, it was my job to undo all the stuff I've messed up / forgotten over the last few weeks. This I did in record time, and was able to present Bryan with all his required schematics suitably early this morning, which was goodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgood. Perhaps I'll get a good reference now - people seem to think that he holds me in high regard, although that might just be crap because people have been known to lie to me before, but we don't talk about that because we wouldn't want to sound bitter and fucked up or something.

Again, the thought occurs that Red Bull does funny things to my head, which might be partly due to the intense sugar rush and caffeine high that I get off it - if I'd drunk coke or coffee as a kid (or ever, really) then I might be able to handle it, but as it was, I always drank sugar-free fruit squash, which doesn't exactly prepare one for an adult life of stimulants and saccharides...

Oh well, I only have three and a half hours of work left before I can go home, and also three and a half days of work left until Uni. This thought keeps me sane. Well, as close to sane as one can get while typing at 110 words per minute with a vacant expression on his face, while drooling profusely and blinking only once every half hour. Or something like that. Wheeee

Anyway, so yeah, the girl was on the bus this morning, and I sat in the seat behind her, because there wasn't really much else available, though usually I'd keep my distance because it's all part of the game, and I don't remember her looking at me at any point during me getting on, the journey, or me getting off again, although when I got off the bus she was looking in my general direction which I took to perhaps mean that she was seeing if I was looking at her but didn't want to look at me herself or maybe I just read too much into things. I don't know why I care, the only reason I bother with this is because I either look at the girl, or I look at the cows and sheep out of the window of the bus, because the ride to work in the mornings is very boring, and there's precious little else to do with my concentration. I'd listen to music (in fact I do) but it doesn't hold my attention like it used to because all the songs I like at home have been played a thousand times. I need to get back to Uni with my broadband and my Dream Theater and my Tool and my Ataris and my Sugar Ray and my Live, and just listen to a wide variety of stuff that I really like.

But anyway, that was a long paragraph, oops, I should learn to use my carriage return key more. People in the office have just remarked that I'm typing fairly frantically, and it's true, I wasn't kidding when I said 110wpm, because that's really the speed I'm going at. The words are just flowing straight from my brain (or in some cases, bypassing it completely) and get typed down as fast as I can think them (well not that fast, the effect of the Red Bull means that my brain is going so fast that I'm even thinking in a squeaky voice)

Speaking of squeaky voices, I inhaled helium at Liam's party, and made my voice go all funny, which was amusing - first time I've done that, as I recall. Also at Liam's party, in an unrelated matter, Frances did the nicest thing ever - she stood there, and patiently listened as I failed to play guitar. I was feeling kinda down at that point, and she was very nice and just let me play at her, even though I was too drunk to find the right strings, or to strum it properly. It was just a really nice thing to do - few put up with me when sober, let alone drunk. Doubtless nobody will read this far into the post, so it'll probably go unnoticed, but still, had to be said sometime.

Anyway, I'm going to post this now, because I should probably calm down....

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*proud* i read it all! :P *slump*

Did it make any sense at all? :o)

I see...


oh now you're just trying to make up for it :P

Yours are green and interesting and I like to look at them because I've never seen any like that before. Yup.

haHA! you are foiled! muahahahahahahahahaha!

no insane genius are you. :P

I think you'll have to try harder than that if you want to prove me sane.

And nobody even suggested that I was a genius.

ohh don't be so frickin sensitive, how are you gonna be a supervillain's concubine with that attitude? humph.

(Deleted comment)
Simpsons, Mysterious Voyage of Homer, Jasper says it. That might be where you know it from...

(Deleted comment)
I was wrong anyway - it's Flanders who says it :o)

for fucks sake, you two, listen to the ramones. :P

(and i mean that in the nicest possible way, because, dammit, the ramones rock, and you need to listen to them before the rest of them die...)

We're not looking for the origin of the phrase, but the origin of our memories of it :oP

oookay. but still. go listen to the ramones, yeah. dig it. :P

Frances is great like that.

Hehe, Red Bull's banned in so many countries. It's pretty fatal when you think about it, the caffeine dehydrates you and the sugar makes your pulse race. Apparently it's not smart to have 8 or more if you have a heart condition, people have died :)

Heh, two is about all I can handle. Some day I'll have three, just to see what it does to me ;o)

i'm so going to run away and see how many i drink in an hour without going Gaa Gaa


Does it strike you as wrong that I also know all the words to that song. and the rest of that album?


mmm rootbeer

go and drink cheap rootbeer.


I'm sure i had a can here somewhere.

::giggles:: after i sliced my finger i drank a lot alot of rootbeer. hehe even though i couldn't ues 2 of my fingers my typing speed was not impeded. hehehehehe AHAHAHAHHAHA



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