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Busy busy busy... Argh....

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i got up this morning, looked in the mirror and i *was* jay. the gaping hole in my side was only silent bob's missing overlarge figure. i am sleeping over at yours. i am scared.

in other news: *poke* whatcha doin? me bored...

but Jay is funny. ::nods::


ha! jay is not funny. silent bob can say more with a sweet tilt of his little fat eyebrow than jay can say in one of his white brother schpeeches. *nods*


Silent Bob rocks, you still need to see Clerks with me :o)

without bob, jay would be nothing and without jay, bob would be nothing. ::nods::


much like bill and ted.

peanut butter and banananananas.

me and and... and... and... *SOB* i have no love!

It'll be fine... I'm sure you'll look lovely in the morning, if for no other reason than you'll be lying next to me :o)

As for what I'm doing - well, I just spent the last two hours frantically photocopying a load of circuit diagrams which I really should have done last week but didn't... Was in much trouble for that... But it's done now, so no harm, no foul... And now I have to refill our moisture generator with water to see if it's even working... Oh, the fun...

Can't wait to see you... A week... Damnit... *sigh*

i'll be lying next to you... so i'll look nice... hmm... yeah, that works :P

and BAD jamie BAD.

and i know. tis but a week! i think you should steal the moisture generator. go on jamie. steal it! you know you want to... *narrows eyes*

Well you'll look nice to me. I want to wake up next to you damnit.

And I'm not bad... :o(

For that reason, in fact, I'm not gonna nick the moisture generator. I don't have a nitrogen stream in my house for starters, nor do I have any need for 20ppm standard moisture in nitrogen gas. Do you?


now steal it. NOW.

No. It's big, and heavy, and plugged into the gas system. Plus, I have a suspicion that it doesn't work like it should..

big and heavy, GOD, what sort of a BOY are you? humph. not a very boy like one. apparently. hmm. and it doesn't matter how it works, i need a new conquest to satisfy the drones.

*bangs big stick*

dexters lab! NOW!

I can lift it, I've done it before. But as a man, I will assert my dominance in all things and say No, I Cannot Be Arsed.

And that's that.

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