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So yesterday I felt crap... Not sure what it was, but I generally felt like the emotional equivalent to shit. Now I know what it must feel like to be TMA ;o) But yeah, yesterday was a bad day... Should've slept through it really, but at some point recently I lost the ability to sleep for twenty four hours at a time, so I had to be awake instead. *sigh*

Yesterday's activities included walking around to the shops to buy food, which was good practice for next week, when I'll have to remember to buy food all the time if I want to survive... Three months of having stuff bought for me probably isn't good for reminding me to go shopping, but I'll do my best. There's enough supermarkets within walking distance of my house at Uni that it's all good - Sainsbury's is just down the road, then within a half hour's walk is another Sainsbury's, a Tesco, ASDA/Wal*Mart, Waitrose... Or I can get a bus to any of those, though I forget where the nearest stop would be for most...
You can trust me not to think
And not to sleep around
And if you don't expect too much from me
You might not be let down

Cos all I really want's to be with you
And feel like I matter too
If I hadn't blown the whole thing years ago
I might be here with you
Then on the bus this morning, that girl was there again... When I was buying my ticket, I looked up and she was so obviously and deliberately looking away, which I would take to be a bad sign except that when I got off the bus and walked back along the pavement, she was looking straight at me the whole time. It's all just one big game, heh...

I'd try smiling at her, but she doesn't look like the sort of person who smiles often - it's not part of whatever image she's got. The amusing thing is that she's not even my type - if she was, that would also make Claire my type, and if Claire was my type then I fear the entire fabric of the universe would collapse. However, she is attractive, and she's somebody I've not seen around here before, which makes a change since I know pretty much everybody in the area at least in passing.

Speaking of which, I saw my friend Dave yesterday... I was walking back from the shops (in the rain, because life's just that kind), and as I passed his house he was just getting into his car, so I said hello (or rather "Put some trousers on, Dave!" (he was wearing shorts, in the rain, y'know))... I've known him since Easter of 1987, so over fifteen years now... I went to his 7th(ish) birthday party, which was a roller-disco type thing... I was in his first ever lesson at primary school, and his last ever lesson in the sixth form (Further Maths, ick). As far as I know, I've known him longer than anybody else in the world, except for family... Not a bad record...

Random thing, the other day somebody on FarceParty tried talking to me, and spoke about how they'd been out on a "yot". Maybe it's just my intellectual snobbery shining through, but I really don't feel I can talk to somebody who spells Yacht as Yot. It just looks so utterly wrong that it hurts my eyes just to read it. I don't expect everybody to know how to spell everything, but they could at least have an attempt at something better than "yot".... *shudders*

Am glad about the result in Germany - the idea of a political group called "The Christian Democrats" getting into power frightened the bejesus out of me, so to speak. I mean, not even the Republicans in the US actually state in their name that they're the church's political puppets, at least they have the decency to hide it a bit. I like to think that more centre-left parties will be in power in the near future than centre-right, as the world becomes a bit more compassionate. After all, the only people who are against sharing the wealth are the rich minority, and fuck them if they don't want to help humanity. The world would be a nicer place without self-serving, self-centred, money-hungry assholes. Yup :o)

Anyway, am going off on a tangent now, so I'll stop writing before I get onto the whole Lib Dem conference thing down in Brighton (thank goodness I'm not there this week - these conferences play merry buggery with the roads and alleyways I used to get around)...

(note: reference to buggery in Brighton alleys unintentional - nobody is fucking me in the arse, you got that?)

Right, well, back to work - I feel really ill..... :o\

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Ah...Gin Blossoms. An old fave.

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