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Damnit, there was an earthquake, and I didn't notice it :o(

Update: Apparently the epicentre was around Birmingham, which explains why TMA's entire house shook... damn this place, I felt nothing...

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Huh? What? When? Now?

Can't have been that good, didn't feel anything shake : /

Yeah, just now.... TMA's house shook for like ten seconds :o)

It's true... scary shit.

Not that I was scared.


I live in Stafford (about 10 or 15 miles from Wolverhampton) and my house shook like crazy. I had to stop my TV from falling off it's table. The funny thing was, I was fast asleep at the time, so I had no fucking clue what was going on when it started happening.

Yah - it was cool - my whole bed was shaking - I had to have a quick check under the duvet to see if I wasn't just really lucky! ;0)

I felt it up here in Stockport, but thought it was just a big heavy truck going past the house. Turns out it was an earthquake, crazy.

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