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Random venting

You know what, fuck you, because it happens to me a lot, and I never fucking complain about it, and you don't even fucking notice.

Thank you

In other news, aside from the need to randomly say that at somebody who probably doesn't know who they are, I'm fine. Slightly sleepy, but I may well nap in a minute. My last weekend living in this house - weird. I've told them at work that I don't intend to come back, and I don't think anybody is surprised. They can see that my heart really isn't in it any more. Now I just need to concentrate on finding a job in Brighton. Other than selling naked pictures/videos of myself (which has now been suggested by three people, yet I don't think I'd have a market).

Oh well, it'll all be over soon.....

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No vent is ever random.

I know, it was relevant and direct. But to anybody else, it would appear random :o)

i dunno, i still have Jess on my friends list, half her entries are like that. a lot of us will therefore be used to it ;)

I have Jess on my friends list too.... I couldn't bear to take her off, irritating cow that she is ;o)


apparently now i "bite". because i don't like The Coral. and i'm a pleb because i don't know what a "cadance" is.. i was tempted to say something really nasty, but, well.. its not in my nature. that much.

I just like to read it and laugh at how unhappy she is sometimes. Because it really is in my nature ;o)

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