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Song 1

I rock
Will you marry me

I'm an Avril Lavigne Fan
Cos I am really cool
I can play the guitar really good
And I'm punk too, listen to this

I don't need to play chords
I can just hammer the same tune again and again and again
And I make millions

Will you go out with me
You're really cool
And I kinda love you

I'm really really good you know
Listen to my F# chord

I knew the name of that one

You're wicked
I think you rock

I played that note wrong
Just like you

Song 2

I love you
And not because you're Canadian
But because you're hot

I can play the same chord again and again
And people still buy my shit
Because I'm on Columbia

Will you go out with me?
I can skate you know
Well I could when I was ten

I know you want me really
And it's all just a clever rouse to make me think you don't know who I am when I accost you in the street
Well I'm not falling for it

I don't know what I'm doing
I've lost my train of thought

In a second I'll start making it up as I go along
And then it'll sound like one of your songs

Which I know you didn't write
Because I wrote them

I'm just a skater boy
I'll see you later boy

That was my hit back in 1993
I dueted with Vanilla Ice
Fuck you, you Canadian bitch

Ice ice baby
I wrote that too

Can't touch this

We should do a duet
They'd call me the talented one
Cos I can sing


I rule
You don't
That's why
I don't want you any more

See, I'm over you now
I don't need your fucking Canadian-ness

You're really nice to know
You're a good friend
You're crap in bed

I hate you
For what you've done to Bill

Song 3

I rock
Will you marry me?

I'm horny
And you're Canadian
Do you see where I'm going with this?

Will you go out with me?
I think you're really cool
And I want you

I'm an Avril Lavigne fan
And I am really hip
I can play a guitar

Not acoustic!
You gay shits!
You are so emo it hurts my brain!

I've got distortion on my guitar
Have you?
Of course you haven't!
You haven't even got any legs, how do you swim?!!

Please note, I actually love Canadians and gay people. I was improvising the words, so I just said random things :o)

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xD .. OMG. That was quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever heard. *Claps* You are very creative.

Send Avril a CD of that. She'll give you one of her ties, I think. LOL

I like your voice. xD The most I'd really hurt was .. "This is me.. in bad lighting". I need more.


yeah. send it to her. call it the Avril EP. and put your face on the front cover. doooooo itttttt!!!

or, because i suck and have no life, this:


hahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhah. you've got issues. hahahahhahahahahah.

Lol.. interesting song ^_^

that. was beautiful.

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