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I found it. It was on the TV yesterday, and suddenly everything makes sense. A news correspondent in the United States was interviewing people, asking for their opinions on the war, and one person replied with
If it's what the president decides, I'll go along with it. I have to support my president
At what point did the world close its eyes to the possibility that their leaders might not be right all the time? That's the sort of attitude I'd have expected from 1930s Germany, not from the present day, and certainly not the sort of attitude I would expect from America.

I'm frightened by the notion that the only option is to follow the president, otherwise you're somehow not patriotic enough. I'm not sure how the US media approaches the issue, but for those Americans reading this, let me explain what the British media does. You basically have three groups of papers - the right, the centre, and the left. The various editors and writers for these papers often have strong views one way or the other, and express those in the papers. Some papers desperately want a war (because war sells more papers). Then there's others which try to avoid war - said papers have often had front pages with "Tony, stop being Bush's puppet" written in big letters, etc.

It just strikes me that we need the mainstream media to criticise our leaders, just to make us think for ourselves a little and consider the idea that our leaders aren't always right. Something tells me that a paper in the US whose front page said "Bush, you're a war-mongering demon" wouldn't sell many copies to the mainstream...

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we need the mainstream media to criticise our leaders

most mainstream media doesn't... some of the broadsheets do, but they're usually the ones with the smaller print runs. ::shrugs::

we have a long way to do.

You should run for president....

You're completely right and I wish more Americans thought that way. Unfortunatly they don't and (me being in high school) in class I was actually called anti-american because I didn't agree with the decisions and actions of our government.

Such is life.

oy, i loathe us more and more with every passing day.

jamie, my american gov. teacher loved your entry "bush lead us on to righteous victory"

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