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Black Wigs and Familiar Faces
I'm getting Monday Morning vibes off today, on account of having yesterday off. But I know deep down that it's Friday, and that I have a whole weekend ahead of me, and this is a good thought indeed. Just eight hours until I can go home and collapse (again).

This morning was funny... My Fourteen Year Old Fan Club at the bus stop came to talk to me, asking me where my blonde hair had gone. Several of them strongly suggested I get it back again. Seriously, what the Hell is it about the blonde hair that it makes me irresistable to 14 year olds, and would somebody please tell me what I'd have to do in order to get the 20 year olds wanting me instead? :o)

Heh, I've got Dashboard on, and suddenly I remember a conversation I had with Rach last night... See, Emo kids never ever ever get laid - they only get girlfriends so that they can be dumped. Well, the conversation made me laugh anyway. Then Rach asked me out just so that she could dump me, which would have been cruel if I'd gone for it - I would have cried big emo tears, etc. Ho hum :o)

To be honest, my mental images of all the songs on this CD are slightly changed after yesterday... 'tis weird... So many tracks now have different memories attached to them - makes for interesting listening.

The bus this morning was, yet again, filled with eye contact cat and mouse games with That Girl, for no apparent reason. She reminds me of somebody - the dark, tinted hair, the fact that she never smiles, the fact that she just sits there lost in thought... Her entire appearance kinda screams out "I'm alternative, keep the fuck away from me" too, heh... I've a suspicion she's probably only 17 or something, but it's not like I want to run away with her. She's just nice to look at first thing in the morning when I'm facing another day at work. And when I got off the bus, we looked at each other again, which was nice. Or something.

I dunno why I like that... I guess it's because while it's anonymous, there's a certain familiarity with the whole situation. Back in Brighton, if you see a nice looking girl one morning, chances are you'll never see her again - there's too many people around there, and too many options, transport-wise. Here, I know that the girl is always on the 7:50am bus to Thame most days. But in Brighton, there's a train to Uni every 15 minutes, with a good many carriages, and not even I know which trains I'm gonna get from one day to the next. Nothing is constant, and it takes half the fun out of games like this which are never going to go anywhere.

Speaking about Brighton, and about girls, this is probably the point at which I let out a rather emo sigh, and start complaining that I only have one more week here, and after that I'm going to be much further away from Rachel... That's going to suck lots... Still, she can come visit me any time she wants, and just turn up any time, I shan't mind in the slightest :o)

Maybe it's time to do a bit of work now......

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and just what's wrong with being only 17? i'm 17 and my boyfriend's 21... nothing dodgy thank you. what's so bad about 17? :(

Well, no offence intended I'm sure, but I have very little in common with most 17 year olds, to the point where they irritate me a lot... They tend to be a good deal less emotionally mature than I like people I hang out with to be...

My point was that I probably wouldn't want to date a 17 year old, just because they'd be wanting very different things out of it to me, and it'd just be a big fat disaster waiting to happen. We'd be painfully incompatible :o)

(for anybody else reading this, if you're 17 and an actual friend of mine, that means you're one of the happy exceptions to the above rules (although I still won't date you, I expect)) ;o)


well as for now i'm gonna hear the saddest songs
and sit alone and wonder
how you're making out
but as for me, i wish that i were anywhere with anyone
making out

-mpwf kfo

There are always exceptions to every rule...

-mpwf kbnjf

would somebody please tell me what I'd have to do in order to get the 20 year olds wanting me instead? :o)

suddenly become 26 *nods*

Heh, damnit, it might take a while :o)

Failing that, I'll throw myself at random Freshers in a week's time and see if that works instead ;o)

heheheh. well, as i always, its not like its a bad thing :)

I know it's not :o)

Anyway, I'm only a slut in my own mind - in practice, I'm like totally not. Much ;o)


i always say i'm a wannabe slut. cause i'm too lame to get the chance very often ;)

Just don't throw yourself at *this* random fresher. :)

You're not random, you're safe :oP

Safe from me, dappy cow

will you quit with the insults?

Well, I can only tell you that keeping your natural color (or changing it to something bizzare (Spelling?)) will keep the 14 year-olds away, as for getting 20 year-olds... you're on your own... I'm the lonely guy that's never dated...

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