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Heh, my family came home from Drayton Manor Park earlier to find a load of buttons on the floor - my explanation was "I broke a shirt". Heh.. That was fun :o)

Work again tomorrow, though it is only one day, so I think I'll cope. And my parents are going away for the weekend, which means... well, actually, it makes very little difference to my life since I'm pretty much devoid of options for how I spend my time... But still, they're away, which means I get the house to myself (except various siblings).

This evening has been a lazy one - I had a nap earlier, because I was sleepy... Stayed up a bit later than I should have last night, etc... Oh well.. Anyway, am bored of writing. So I shall stop.

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the actual explanation being you thought you were superman...

Pretty much yeah. It was fun, I'd never ripped a shirt off before :o)

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