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Okay, today is a good day... We (by which I mean my brother) now own a rather nice Fender Telecaster... Just under £400 (it was $600), metal plated, vaguely customized, used in the Ataris video for "Summer Wind Was Always Our Song"... So yeah, ed now has an ex-Ataris guitar, which isn't at all bad :o)

The day it arrives, I don't care what I'm doing, I'm gonna come back here and play it. Sometime he needs to bring it down to Uni, plug it into Shanu's 100W amp, and see what sort of beautiful noises that thing will make. I swear, if I ever get a gig, that's what I'm gonna play, because, like, it's The Ataris :o)

And in other good news, Rach is coming over in a few hours. Like, less than four hours away. I'll have to go get ready now, I think.... :o)

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Cool, congrats to Ed. :D

That does remind me... if we're gonna start doing stuff with Clusterfuck for real, at some point you *will* needa decent amp. Like... 60w minimum I should think. :)

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