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Living Arrangements
Next year, eh? Not long off, really, when you think about it. Christ, we're already a third of our way through the first year, and ought to be sorting out our accommodation for next year pretty soon. Right now, things are up in the air, but it looks quite like we'll be having two flats. The first one will be for Harry, Alex, Mice and Claire, and the other one will be for me, Vicky, James and Sarah. That sounds pretty darned cool to me, anyhow...

Anyhow, after having a good sleep last night, I feel vastly refreshed - hooray. That'll put me in a good mood for going out clubbing tonight with the others. We're going to the Escape, where they've got Indie night on - hooray. Vicky isn't too keen, but sod her, it'll be fun...

Speaking of Vicky, she's finally going to pay her rent tomorrow, thankfully. I had to force her to come into Brighton with me earlier to transfer the money across to her Barclays account, but she couldn't do that, so we ended up walking around Brighton with 800 in cash. Ouch. While she was getting that, I gave some money to a homeless guy and had a short chat with him. Which was nice. Vix and I then went to buy her some shoes, and to buy me a new jacket. Both were great successes - hooray. My new jacket is very snug (i.e. too small), which is actually good, because it's incredibly cozy without being uncomfortable... Cheap, too, although I won't go into actual figures here. All in all, very good. And I've still not bought any chocolate since getting back - aren't I good :o)

Anyhow, off for a shower now, before going out. Need to then style my hair, pick out some nice clothes and stuff... Dunno quite what look I'll go for, but we shall see. Hair like yesterday's, I think. I've had many good things said of my new style, so...


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