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Wow, copied and pasted from a BBC News article about Tony Blair
He spoke of the search for "true equality: equal status and opportunity rather than equality of outcome".
About f'ing time he figured that out... Well done to him, it only took him how many years in the Labour party to work out what socialism is about?

Then of course Michael Howard comes along and says
Hard working families will be appalled that Tony Blair wants to pile on yet more tax increases on top of what he has already imposed
And talks of how schools etc. need to be improved. Which is pretty much what Tony Blair just said they'd do - equality of opportunity relies on schools and healthcare being equal to all people. And people who work hard get rewarded anyway - the point is to allow anybody from society the opportunity to work hard. Nobody should be disadvantaged simply because they were born into poverty, just as people born into money shouldn't have advantages over other people. It's not fair, and if we're a truly civilised race, then we should strive for fairness....


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