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So It's Come to This
I'm not entirely sure what the last straw was, but I've been thinking about this for quite a while... I expect it was being told what to do in something trivial once too many times, but that's irrelevant really. The real reason for this is that despite this summer being great, I've been fundamentally unhappy with a lot of things. And y'know, my journal is as good a place as any to announce this (and I don't think I've told anybody yet)...

I'm moving out. Properly.

I'm well aware that I spend 32 weeks per year in Brighton already, but I intend to bring that number closer to fifty. I'll come home for peoples' birthdays, and Christmas, but otherwise, as of ten days' time, I shall be living down in Brighton all year round, for the foreseeable future. After Uni, Jimbo and I might keep the house on for another year (at least) if that's possible. Otherwise, I'll either find somewhere else, or potentially head up north and find a place up there (see David, I always threatened I'd move up to Manchester someday).

Regardless of where I do end up, I don't want it to be back here. I'll sell myself into slavery if it'll help pay the rent and allow me to stay there. It's nothing personal against my family, who I love dearly - it's merely the situation. I can't keep living with them, because it's just not an environment I'm comfortable in any more. No offence, but I like living without parental interference in my life on a daily basis. Remarks from my father about how I oughtn't sleep downstairs, just things like that. The feeling that I'm not really twenty is hammered into me every five minutes when I'm back here.

The other thing is my job - I'm starting to positively hate it. Every now and again I have a good day, where I do something that impresses somebody, but for the most part the whole thing is getting me down, and I really don't want to come back here. It's been great, and it's been lucrative, but ultimately I didn't ace my a-levels and go off to do a degree so that I could get a job I hate. The whole point of academic achievement is meant to be that it gives me the freedom to choose to do something that I enjoy. Well I'm going to do that from now on.

So a week on Saturday when I move my stuff down to Brighton, I'm going to take with me everything I might conceivably need. I love my family, but I hate my area, I hate my job, and I hate the feeling that I'm constantly living under supervision. So in ten days, I'm gone.....

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Go for it. :)
Youll be lucky finding a decent paying job in Brighton though... the slavery might be a better option. :)

Hell yeah. I need a slaveboy.

Shame you can't have me then :oP

Awww. You're mean :p

(Deleted comment)
The only reason I really come back for 5 weeks at Easter and 12 in the summer is because I have a good job here, which pays my rent. But the job has stopped being fun, I don't like being back home, and thus I have no real reason to come back. So I'll just stop, mostly :o)

i will miss you like...

but it's right, too. what you're doing. good luck :)

I never said I wouldn't come back and visit you. And you're coming to visit me tons. Yup. You've no choice in the matter :o)

... that you don't intend coming back home after uni, you had already told us that. As for the holidays? It'll be a pity.

It's not often that I try to justify myself on your journal but as you brought it up...

The reasons I make comments about you sleeping downstairs are:

1) I am genuinely concerned that lying in front of the tumble drier and breathing in its "exhaust" is actually bad for you. Strange person that I am.

2) I am also concerned that you deprive yourself of sleep and that you stay up (therefore awake) later than you might otherwise in order to sleep on the floor in front of the tumble drier.

So it's less about not remembering that you are twenty and more about giving a damn about you. Sorry, it goes with being a parent.

I know, it is a shame, because when I'm at Uni I do miss you... But I've spent getting on for three months at home, and as you may have noticed, it does my head in. It's okay for you, you don't have to put up with the others so much ;o)

And I know that it's out of concern rather than a desire to control my life and stuff, and that example was merely the first that came to mind. There's just a general feeling that I'm still very much a child whose parents know best. And, true though that almost certainly is, it's not an environment I feel comfortable in any more, that's all...

But don't think any of this means that I'm not expecting you to give a damn in future - in fact, I demand it. Just from a distance, that's all ;o)

ewww dont move up here
we dont want your sort here

Well naturally a condition of me moving up there would be that you'd need to go far far away.... Perhaps me moving up there will make you leave anyway, and everybody will be happy.

well by the time u get ur ass up here my ass will be in durham
the further north u come, the further north i run away

Maybe if I come up to Durham, you'll run to the north pole and freeze. One can but hope....

Cool. Sounds like what I'd like to do, except I have no inclination to work enough hours to earn enough money to rent a place on an annual basis, and there aren't really any jobs in brighton... hehe. Good luck, dude.

I already rent on an annual basis anyway - I have my house the whole year round, so....

And I know, the job market in Brighton does slightly suck, but I still think I might be able to crack it - I have better a-levels than most of the students at Sussex Uni, and a keen mind... :o)

ahaaa. that's alright then. although when the student status is lost, and your room-mates maybe bugger off...? dunno what your contract is like and stuff. ::shrugs::

i recommend polishing up your ass-kissing skills too. ;)

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