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I've just remembered how very much I love Ash... One of my regrets about Reading was that I only heard them from the other side of the arena wall, rather than actually going to see them properly. Mind, I'd not have been able to get anywhere near the front anyway, so it's not that important. But Shining Light, Burn Baby Burn and A Life Less Ordinary were so good live.... :o)

One more day of work, then it's my day off... Where much preening will take place, and then Rach is coming over for a couple of hours.... Yay! (etc.)

Oh well, back to being mindlessly dull :o)

PS Anybody for a gay pillow?

My new haircut.. Although I still need to sort a couple of things out on it (might frost the tips and stuff, dunno yet), but that's more or less how it looks :o)

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Nothing personal, but damn the greatest hits effect! I'm not really that much of a fan of ash, but when the pumpkins greatest hits came out I had zillions of people recommending them to me on the strength of songs I have known for for all the ash fans feeling this way I sympathise!

I'm not recommending them, and I've known those songs for years (in some cases)... I'm merely sorry that I didn't get to see said songs live, given that I've been a fan for donkeys years....

James Webley there, posting another picture of his own face.

The first in weeks. None of my userpics feature my face. The only other place on my journal you would find it is in the picture in my userinfo. Thus, you are proved wrong. You have to hand back your prize money now.

i'm hoping you don't mean that pillow.... eep.

*hides under bed*

Ash played A Life Less Ordinary? i do not remember that :S

I'm sure they did.... I was hanging out with hot-nekkid-Alex at the time, as I recall... :o)

Yay now your haircut is as short as mine, except you have the sideburns.

I like it.

(Have you added me as a friend yet? >> *GrumbleGrumble*)

Fine, you don't get to touch the hair now :oP


i didn't mean it!

no wait
i dont care
by the time u come up here again it'll probably have grown out again
*laughs more*

Bah, I might come up soon, I dunno, depends what excuse I can find so that I can come mock you :oP

And it'll probably be this length for a while - back at Uni, the guy I share a house with has a set of clippers, so I can keep it short if I want to.

But obviously, you don't want to feel the fuzziness, so that's fine by me, you can just keep your hands off :oP

as if i'd want to touch u anyway

Well yeah, I guess you've already been there, done that :oP

If it was possible, you would bend your self over, and fuck youself long and hard in the ass.

No question, that was a statement.

: P


what can i say here? it's another picture of you, not smiling, in b&w, with your shirt off. hahaha. didn't you have that picture on your webpage before??

i guess it looks ok... the angle makes you look like you're 12! hahahah.

i still have yet to see you smile...


I really need to stop clicking links randomly without reading the title first... I just see blue words and click.... Scary...

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