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Nothing gold can stay.....
So, I now have no hair. Or, to be more accurate, I have a good deal less hair, but still sufficient that I am not bald. I got it clipped to about a number 6, which makes it approximately a centimetre in length all over, and it's all brown. No more blonde, save for the little streak I have that sits above my eyebrow piercing, and has been there for years anyway. Oh well...

Half way through the procedure I had the sudden (and worrying) thought "Oh no! The source of all my power!". You see, it just so happens that I seem to have had more luck with girls since becoming a very-obviously-fake blonde. Either that, or it's the confidence I received post-Jen, I'm not sure which. Either way, this might prove to be a risky move, hair style wise...

I was thinking the other day about the dress I got her.. Weird, I know, but there we go. Today's random tangent centres around me wondering why I bought it - not that I'm sorry I did, it just seems weird. It was $100, and yet I thought nothing of just getting it, for the sole reason that it looked good on her....

The story simply runs that we were in Hot Topic, and we saw this really lovely dress, and I made some joking remark about getting it for her. I later said that if we ever went back there, I'd buy it. A week or so later, we went back, I made her try it on, and when I saw her in it, I had to buy it. The grin on her face was fantastic, she seemed really happy... I like spoiling people - but most of them seem intent on stopping me...

Anyway, the dress is gone now anyway, ripped into a thousand pieces and all in a box somewhere. Guess it's a metaphor - some things are meant to be, they're just not meant to be forever.

Back to the hair issue... The old stuff was covering my eyes half the time, and the color of it was just starting to bother me - the lengths and stuff had unbalanced how the blonde bits looked, and it was getting increasingly harder to style. And for some reason, I think I look better when more forehead is visible, so the logic is that the hair had to go.

If at Uni I decide that I'd rather go back to blonde, I can just bleach it all and start again I guess... But I think I'd like to spend some time with my natural hair - it'll be the first time this year, other than a weekend in April, and a couple of weeks in January... I just have to get used to seeing it in the mirror again, because right now, it's just weird......

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bleh. Hair is beautiful, keep it while you can have it :)

Heh, too late now :o)

you just wrote a whole post about YOUR HAIR, and you say i talk crap :> weehehe

No, I said I talk crap, earlier, see?

a metaphor:

ripped into a thousand pieces, yes, but the important thing is that they still remain in my room in a box, rather than me throwing them out

and so after something so precious was broken, i still held on to it because of the good memories

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