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If you're fond of sand dunes and salty air..
I've got that song in my head now, oh well. And I'm not referring to the crappy Groove Armada version, either... Oh well, there are worse things to be singing looped inside one's head.

So, another Monday morning at work, and it's already practically noon (and will be by the time I post this). I missed the first few hours of work, since I didn't sleep enough yesterday. I tried sleeping on the train, but I kept smashing my head against all manner of things as I was dozing off. And I very nearly missed my home stop, which would have been annoying, so it's lucky I didn't get any proper sleep. Would've been nice to curl up in Piccadilly Gardens and nap, but I had to catch my train :o\

Anyhow, so yeah, barely any sleep on Saturday (I may have fallen asleep on top of Vicki, and I certainly slept outside Mark's room on the surprisingly comfortable carpet), perhaps two hours tops, and then I got home and immediately went online. Stupid stupid stupid. Discovered the possibility that as much as I try to be a force for good, maybe I'm actually a bad thing sometimes. But I think I kinda already knew that - sometimes there's nothing you can do about it...

In my defence, regarding my nudity at Liam's, I should point out that I was only told that Ste was giving Liam a naked picture of me when I got in to Manchester, and wasn't given a choice in the matter. So it really wasn't my fault. As for the rest of the nudity - Kate pretty much made me do it by doubting the fact that I would. And I never got naked without being asked to by somebody first, so there. And when it comes down to it, who cares? We're all just humans, clothes are pointless, it's not like we don't know what's down there or something.

Anyhow, since the photo is now printed out and at Liam's house, I guess anybody who wants to see it can, just say so. This offer is not open to Dirk though.

Back to the main point of this post - I got to bed at about eleven last night, and needed two nights worth of sleep to catch up to normal, which meant that I slept in this morning quite considerably - I think I got up at about ten past ten or something... I feel a little better for having had a lie-in, though I still need more sleep for the rest of this week and stuff... Oh well...

I'm sure I'm usually at least slightly more interesting than this, but perhaps not. Oh well......

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(Deleted comment)
Was the owner of the impressive lycra-clad package in the party pictures Liam?

I have a feeling you're thinking of Angus......

Am I? I don't know, I can't find the entry with the pictures in it any more.

Anyway, whoever it was, they should consider themselves complimented. Or they should worry. Or both.

tax's journal, as I recall

I think he had fruit in them

Well I just call that false advertising. You still look terrible, by the way.

ahh. well just post it again, then.

u were so heavy u fat ass

You were hardly over-eager to make me go away :oP

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