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Have You Ever...?

Cheated on a partner? Not technically
-More than once? No
-Was it a friend of theirs? No
-Did your partner, in your opinion, deserve to be cheated on? I can think of a few who would have...
-Was it sex or did you just kiss? Would've been the latter if either
-Did they ever find out? I would have hoped not
-Are you still with your partner now? N/A

Fantasised about other people when in a relationship? Yes
Fantasised about someone else whilst having sex? Yes
Knowingly used someone for a while, then ignored them afterwards? No
-Was it purely for sex? No
-Were they a friend? No
Flirted with someone else to make your partner/someone else jealous? Yes
Led someone on? Yes

Bullied someone? No
Beaten someone up pretty darn seriously? No
-Did they go unconscious? N/A
-Did they have to go to hospital? N/A
Threatened to kill someone? Yes
Wished death upon someone? Yes
Plotted to kill someone? Yes
-Attempted to carry the plan out? No
Blackmailed someone? No
-Was it for your own purposes? N/A

Stolen someone's idea and claimed it as your own? Probably
Stolen something from a friend? Nothing serious
Stolen money from your parents? Not without them knowing ;o)
Stolen from work/school/college? Not as such
Shoplifted? No

Lied to a friend(s)? Yes
-Did they ever find out? Some of the time
Have you lied to another livejournal user? Yes
-Recently? Very
Lied about your age (club bouncers don't count :P)? No (and not to bouncers either)
Lied about your occupation? No

Kept the change if you've been given too much in a shop? Yes, when it's a supermarket etc.
Bought something, used it once, then taken it back? Once
Ever 'gone out dressed like that'? No
Broken something then blamed someone else? Yes

Told someone you loved them when you didn't mean it? Not to their face
Told your parents that you hate/never wanna see/don't love them? Yes
Exacted an elaborate revenge upon someone through your chosen craft/talent? Yes

Have you been completely honest on this quiz... ? If I said Yes, what if it was a lie? ;o)

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(club bouncers don't count :P)?

It's not that they don't want to, they just can't

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