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You see
This post doesn't mention it
This does
This also mentions it
And it's mentioned here
And here

It was an epic LJ type meetup... In the course of the day, I saw:

david, eliaalariel, lilliput, marnarama, cha5e, tax, nozza, corr7spond7nc7s, snowyowlofdoom, kfite, stumpy_thedwarf, hugmonkey, probe, shit_fucker, bigglesworth, _zoso_, mjjtnrr, flashgordon, goose_mcloose, slaytanist, edibleundies...

There's probably a ton more, but I forget.

So anyway, I went up there, managed to catch the eye of some girl on the train which was cool, we sat there smiling at each other anonymously until I left it, but it was just one of those moments that feels cool, just because I've never been able to do stuff like that before.

Met up with various people in Manchester, and that was all cool...

Drank a 35cl bottle of vodka without having eaten for the 24 hours previous to that, I'm surprised I'm still alive

Proceeded to get very drunk, and throw myself at everybody at Liam's party with tits - thank God that Gaz wasn't there ;o)

Liam and I sang San Dimas High School Football Rules while I played it on guitar. But I was slightly drunk, so it wasn't played that well. Despite his excellent guitar kit, I was so much worse than usual due to alcohol - I was at pre-summer levels :o\

Played in the pool.... Ste and I got naked simultaneously under the water, just for the principle, but neither of us saw anything anyway (and nobody else was nearby). But the nudity started when Ste gave Liam his birthday present - a framed photo of me, full-frontal nude. Lots of people at the party saw it.

In fact, my nudity is now famous - some girl called Alicia said to me "Oh, you're naked Jamie". Kate/Sophie/Vicki, you're all mean.

This is disjointed, but my head is still fucked.

We played Frisbee. Charlie and I took everybody on and KICKED ARSE, because we're the only ones who really play it properly and knew the rules, and stuff. We were practically the only actual students there. Oh well...

Liam's brother is really really kind-hearted, at least when drunk. Thought I'd say that.

This girl Victoria got scared of me flirting at her, which amused me quite a bit just because out of everybody there, she was so not even close to how badly I was flirting with other people. David got in a pissy mood with me because I was being all fake, and decidedly un-me. Right before he drank a bottle of wine and started molesting Kate. HA!

At one point I hugged Liam, and he was in a stressed out mood and warned me that if I ever did that seriously, he'd break every bone in my body. This made me sad :o( But then things seemed to be fine. So that's okay.

Liam rocks, by the way, and throws the best parties. His dad made us bacon rolls at 7am, which was soooo good. And he's just really cool...

Kissing Matt's neck in the pool, heh... Falling asleep on top of Vicki in Mark's room... Being a total pimp at one point, with several girls cuddled up to me... Liam as Stephen Hawking, getting laid....

So, nudity. Let's start from the beginning.

For starters, lots of people had seen my picture on LJ that I posted the other week, so many had already seen me naked. This was compounded by Ste printing off that picture, and framing it for Liam, which then got passed around. And I was fine with this, because I actually have some weird exhibitionist/confidence kick going on right now. And then there was a bet about who would get naked first out of me, Ste and Liam. And I won repeatedly. Marna asked me to get naked, because the crazy girl seemed to actually like that, so I did. Once, maybe twice. Then other people asked me to, and I can't even remember which they were, but Debbie might have been one.... And so I did again. And generally, much nudity took place, and all was amusing in the world :o)

We sang Spandau Ballet. Matt M rocks, like, to extents that one cannot measure with mere words.

I think I probably flirted far too obviously with so many people, just because I felt like I could. I like feeling like I have confidence, it's a nice feeling.

Watched Monsters Inc with Vicki, it was good. I love that movie... She hit me this morning, and it hurt. But I know she likes me deep down, otherwise she wouldn't pay me so much attention, what with the persecution and all :oP

Train ride back was okay, I guess, although I was sat next to this whining lesbian, but otherwise it was fine. I have piss-poor recollection of last night, so I'll leave the rest of the describing up to everybody else for simplicity :o)

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you so crazeeeeeeeeeeee....
yeah baby yeah!! when my printer arrives tomorrow, you so know i'm printing that picture!



I think that makes you the crazy one :o)

Oh well, I don't mind :o)

good to know some students are keeping up the studenty ethics n stuff :-)

hehehehe u got punched by a girl
and it hurt
i no it did
i saw the tears in ur eyes

and no i dont like u, at all
ur like a bad smell
u just will not go away

It actually did hurt.... Which I guess is why you started apologising. YOU APOLOGISED TO ME!!

Ha :o)

And it's you that can't keep away, bitch

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