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Horrible Secret
Ah. Now I have to admit it. OK then. Fine.

I made an error.

Yes, I know, shocking, isn't it. Here's the deal. Alex? Pah! Harry? Pah! Vicky? Mmm...

See, this is my admission. Didn't think I'd be doing this for a while, but heck, may as well. The reason that both Harry and Alex were jealous of Vicky is, quite rightly, because I'm absolutely crazy about her. That's why. However, they did get jealous when there was no need to be - they'd accuse me of neglecting them for Vicky when either
a\ I wasn't even talking to Vicky, or
b\ Vicky needed me, and I'd have done the same for any of them
Oh well, not to worry. There, I've said it now. Now for the next part...

It may not come as a shock to you, but I didn't really fancy either Harry or Alex. Sure, I figured they were attractive, but I wasn't attracted to them per se. This is probably why I ran away from the Alex situation as quickly as I could - didn't want to be there, to be honest. They're lovely people, but not what I wanted. Jenny, on the other hand... Wowee. With the others, I was settling for what I thought I could reasonably expect to get, rather than going after what I really wanted. I was confusing liking them as friends to liking them as more. Bad. The problem with Vicky is that she was a constant reminder that there was something there that I didn't have with either of the other two. Oh well.

So, plan now? Well stop settling for less than I really want. At least for now. Go for people I actually want to be intimate with, and bloody well just go for it. Bah.

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WARNING - Fatherly comment

Actually, I've probably said it all before. Oh bugger, I'll still say something.....

start of preaching......

just remember that there are two people in a relationship, both of whom should treat the other with respect and honesty. What's that saying "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Forget the source (The Bible?) but keep it in mind. The other syaing that comes to mind here is "Do it because you want to, not because you don't want to do the alternative". Or something like that.

End of preaching.......

And I am just going to say JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And pull a face which I think you are too familiar with, oh also TAKE CARE.(worry)

No longer anonymus!!! Hello Rebecca, hope all is well with you and that you had an enjoyable Christmas and New year. Now get posting!!!!!

Oh the wild joy of having such a nice user name, its my own fault I suppose. Not too sure how the whole posting thing works but there we go, I might try later, but I am not as interesting as Jmaes..ummmm, anyhoo. Bex %-)

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