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I was walking home from work via the back roads through the town, as I do sometimes, and I chanced upon a cat lying by the roadside. At first I was scared it might be dead, but when I got to it, it was breathing, just lying there. I kneeled down to see how it was, and it was awake and stuff, but it didn't seem happy, so I stroked it a little bit, and it brightened up. It got up and hobbled into the road, but couldn't move, and there were cars, so I walked with it, stopping all the cars from hitting it. It couldn't run away from the cars at all :o(

Then it lay down on the other side of the road. One of its hind legs wasn't moving, and when I tried tickling the foot on that leg, the cat didn't notice (cats are ticklish on their hind feet often - it was ticklish on the other leg and kicked me when I touched the foot, and gave me looks, but didn't even care when I touched the other foot). It was still lying there, and its stomach was all wobbling and twitching, so I sat with it for ten minutes, stroking it. After a while, I became sure that its leg was screwed, so I called my mother and asked her to come pick it up so we could get it to the vet.

Anyway, then these two people from the area came out to see it - it was an elderly couple, the woman must have been at least eighty, and was starting to lose it a bit, she kept asking the same questions over and over... But I like old people, so I just smiled, and answered patiently every time. Then a car pulled up, with people who lived in one of the houses nearby, and they knew whose cat it was. They went to that person's house, but they were out, so the guy kindly gave me a lift to the vet with the cat

We didn't have anything to put the cat in, so I held it the whole way. Needless to say, the cat was not impressed - cats hate cars. I now have two slashes across my chest, four across my belly, and a couple on one of my knees. It ripped my clothes to shreds in places... (well, not quite). But the poor thing was so scared, even when it was digging its claws in, I was still whispering to it to try to calm it down... When we finally got there, the cat was so glad that it stopped scratching me and calmed down again and let me carry it in.

Anyway, now the vet has it, and they have the number of the man who knows whose cat it is, so it should be fine... Poor thing... :o\

Am really proud of myself for doing the right thing, despite being all nervous and scared and crap....

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I'm proud of you too. That was a sweet thing to do. I hope it is okay.

that is the cutest thing. if you didn't make fun of my dimness I'd think you were almost nice! :oP

cats seem to be really accident-prone. my cat broke his leg 3 times - once getting hit by a car, then falling out of a tree, then falling off the piano. intelligence obviously runs in our family.

Poor cat. My first cat was struck by a car in '96 and died. I felt so bad. So, it's good to know that there are people out there who care enough to take care of kitties in need.

Ooh... any ideas if the cat's ok now? Cats are sooo cool too... but I'm allergic to them XXXDDD...

A few straches are always worth it for a little pussy. =)

Well done mate - a lovely act of kindness!

yeah, that was a really nice thing to do. a lot of boys would've just left it. i would'nt have handled that situation well, i end up hysterically crying everytime that sspca advert comes on tv. poor cat.

aww, that was so nice. so many people would have left it for dead.
(or worse, started being evil to it, like those children down the road, grr.)
everyone should have an act of kindness everyday. the world would be a nicer place.

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