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I wrote this in six minutes, let me know what you think (obviously you don't know the timing and the melody, but I do, so...)

--= Verse 1 =--
There's a truth she whispers to me
And I don't know what to do she
Takes me up, she takes me down
She takes me straight out of my mind

I don't know where we're going
And there ain't no way of knowing
Whether she means what she says
Or if it's all a pack of lies

--= Chorus =--
Head fuck lover
With a dagger to my heart
She's prob'ly lethal but I'll keep her
'Cause there's noone quite like her

Though she messes with my mind it's fine
She gets inside my head
But if I lose her then I might as well
Just end up dead

--= Verse 2 =--
This feeling that she's giving
Makes me know I'm really living
But I'm dying every time that
She is walking out the door

I know that someday near
She's gonna walk right out of here
And that she won't be coming back
I'll be alone for ever more

--= Chorus =--
She's a head fuck lover
With a dagger to my heart
She's prob'ly lethal but I'll keep her
'Cause there's noone quite like her

Though she messes with my mind it's fine
She gets inside my head
But if I lost her then I think that
I'd be better off dead

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Well if you replace the swear words you could well have the making of a love ballad - reminds me of any random ballad by Bryan Adams - which is not a bad thing necessarily - if it brings in the moolah!

Heh, I can see what you mean, although the rhythm or the verses is unlike anything I remember Bryan Adams doing - it's far more.. Um... Okay, words fail me here... But it's more something... Download Eve 6 - Promise, and that's kinda what it's like, a bit (but not so much that it's copying :o)

Well my home pc is still out of action - but comes back today - so as soon as I get ADSL up and running again I will do so!

And then you may even see me back on irc again - if you're really unlucky!

My prayers are with Mordac, Preventer or Information Services ;o)

If I even had a clue what you were wibbling about I would retort (as I imagine is the prompted response)! But alas I do not so I will say only one thing!

Flibble! :0P

these are my favourite lyrics of any of yours i've seen, actually... i love the line 'she's a headfuck lover'. is there a title? this gonna be a clusterfuck number?

Sure, if you want

I'd never presumed to write for "us" before, because I didn't want to inflict my pop/punk influences on you... ;o)

The verse kinda sounds like a cross between Promise by Eve 6, and I Think I Love You by Kaci, ish... It's hard to explain, but it works in my head :o)

When I get home, I'm gonna work out how I'd play it on guitar - I have a vague idea, but I want to polish it up. Then I can work on bass, and another guitar, and by the time we get to Uni, we can learn the damned thing, and rock :o)

dude, i have major pop/punk influences too! hehe. s'just that you're heavily from the fat wreck/kung fu stable - i'm more green day, snuff, buzzcocks, offspring etc...

as far as i'm concerned clusterfuck is where we can do whatever either of us want, really. ;)

The title was "I needed another song to complete my EP", but that's just a working title, mostly :o)

Not nearly enough "holy sweet goddamns", mutilation references or uses of the word whore.

You need to learn from Rivers, Chris and Darryl ;)

But I don't want to be any of those people :oP

(well, maybe Rivers... :o)

i like that head fuck lover line as well, although, i dont really know what a head fuck lover is, but then again i am young and innocent. that's a barefaced lie. i'm gonna be 20. just a few more years and i'll be in incontinece pants and someone will have to chew my food for me. oh the humanity.

Oo! Cool. Sing it and record it and let us listen. ;.;

you?! saying ain't?!??!!1

jamie, you're from oxfordshire. :P

but other than that - it is a really good song. you should sing it too, because you know how it feels... (i would imagine :P)

Surely you mean 'Owksfordshire' :P

(I shouldn't really stick my tounge out at you - if James caught me doing that he'd, I dunno, wave his limp wrists at me, or mince in my direction... or sing...)

Shush, Sheffield Boy :oP

sing? good god. no one is worth inciting that sort of behaviour in jamie :P


Not really. It's amazing and profound and I wish to hump your leg.

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