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And I mean it all
Right, well, if you're thinking something nice about somebody, you might as well say it. With that in mind, regina_thesuper, this one's for you...

Okay, so, Rachel rules for a number of reasons, and I'm going to try to list as many as I can before my boss finds me and executes me. So here goes. My first impression of her was that she was cool, because she had Everclear listed in her user info. Then I got to know her taste in music better, and discovered that she totally rocks. She likes LOADS of the bands I do, because obviously she has the best taste in the world. And she likes lots of Everclear songs that I think are totally amazing, which is good. Second thing I noticed about her (and yes, it really was the second, not the first) is that she's good looking. Not just good looking, in fact, she's fucking gorgeous. At first, I just saw it in her LJ userpics, but then when I met her, I was totally blown away, because wow. For starters, she's got the cutest nose, and I don't care what she says about it, I think it's lovely and I'd kiss it lots, only it's next to her perfect mouth, which I really want to kiss, so... Second, her eyes rock. They're like green, only there's other funny colours in them, and in the middle they kinda lose their pigment slightly and you can see the edge of the little muscles that change the shape of the pupil, which is slightly weird, and therefore very cool indeed. One time I spent ages just looking at them, and how they look. I know for a fact that if presented with a load of eyes, I could tell you exactly which ones were hers, because I've never seen any quite like them. Her hair's good too, as it goes - I like its natural colour (as seen in pictures only), but I'm not about to complain about it being blonde, because it suits her ever so well... And it always smells really really nice, even after gigs and festivals and stuff, which is a secret I would love to learn sometime... And half the reason that I love kissing her neck (and I really do) is just that I can smell her hair and it's intoxicating and so so good... Moving down a bit, she has lovely arms that I could just sit there and stroke all day if it weren't for the fact that I can think of more fun things to do than that. On the end of those, she has hands, which are just magic, and I find myself desperately wanting to hold them all the time, because holding her hands is so much better than not holding her hands. And it should also be pointed out that she has the nicest, most perfectly formed, totally yummy tits that it has ever been my good luck to see, and anybody who knows me knows that I don't throw comments like that around very often. And when I run my hand down her side, I can count her ribs, which I didn't think would be so cool, but it actually really is. In fact, her figure is juts like, wow (again), and some days it's difficult not to think about it, because I'm cursed with the fact that I've seen her naked, and it is a curse, because once you do, it's an image that never goes away and gets into your head, and under your skin, and it's addictive. She's addictive. I've seen her like five times in my life, and already I can't bear the idea that I might not be able to see her sometime, and I don't even want to think about January because it might just make me cry if I do. Frankly, if the government knew about Rachel, they'd make her illegal because she is WAY too good and addictive and yummy and that must be a bad thing right? And she's not just beautiful on the outside, because sometimes I can see her thoughts, and they sparkle, and other times I can see them and they run like shadows on water, all dark, and deep, and they're just as beautiful as the sparkly ones. And if she doesn't learn to write them down more often, then it's going to be a shame for everybody, because people who think as pretty as she does deserve to be heard by people because they make the world a better place just by talking. Oh yeah, did I mention that there's something really sexy about her voice? I'm not sure what it is yet, but it sounds so hot (especiallywhenshegasps). Plus, she's totally smart, which is unusual. Because I'm that egocentric that I don't know anybody as smart as me, at least in my own head, but she's smart like me, which sort of turns my belief system upside down and stuff because I feel like I could compete against her and lose, which is desperately attractive in somebody... And she does things with peoples' heads like I've been known to do, and in exactly the way that makes things fun although I shouldn't admit it.. Because she fucks with my head more than anybody has in a long time, and for some reason I'm loving it, because it makes me feel worthy or something, because she's chosen to mess my head up, and there's nothing that makes you feel more alive than a little emotional drama. And she's thoughtful, and she's kind, and she shares my belief that people are crap because they're not nice to each other enough, and she's going to come bake cookies with me in Brighton so we can feed them to homeless people at night because there's so many of them and it must suck. And at random, I should mention that I have never known anybody ever to be as good in bed as Rachel is - she is fucking amazing, and it's not like I've not tested a few people, but even the slappers who you'd have thought would have had practice are still nothing compared to her, because she's so hot, and so mind-meltingly good that nobody can even come close. And if anybody here decides to test this hypothesis, I will come and hunt you down. And she gives the best hugs, and the best kisses, and when I wasn't well last weekend, she let me lie with my head in her lap, and suddenly I felt so much better, like I wasn't actually going to die, or that if I was, then I was going to die really really happy and that that was fine. And she's naughty, and adventurous, in a way that I've never found in anybody before, and she's far too like me for her own good, so everything we do is such fun because we're so damned hot together. And then again, there's the simple stuff, like the kissing, which is so nice.. And she kisses me because she wants to, and I kiss her because I want to, because it just has to happen damnit, because maybe, just maybe, she needs me as much as I need her. Because whatever it is we have is addictive, she's addictive, she's everything I could possibly look for or want, and when I'm with her I get totally high, and then when she's gone I come down and it sucks, and for a while when I'm with her I don't have any problems any more. And it's all due to how much she just totally rules, because she's quite possibly the most amazing person ever. And damnit, I love her.

Ego wank is such an awful phrase... But it's funny, so that's okay :o)

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That was really sweet :-)

no! *squeals* you must make this you and me only! you can't post something like this! people will read it! and it's lovely, but so so bad! I'M NOT LIKE THIS, PEOPLE. I'M NOOOOOOT!

You are. That's exactly how you are. Just because you can't see it..... *sigh*

Judging by your userpic, he's not wrong that you are gorgeous :-)

(Deleted comment)
This is why anybody who gets to know you sees that youre actually a damn nice person, Jamie :)

Ah, but they rarely bother, so......

::blinks:: holy shit. i need someone to write that kinda shit about me. :P

Don't we all

Which is precisely the reason I wrote it - if you've got something nice to say, then it's bad not to say it :o)

aww. i don't even know you and yet that made me smile *so* much :)

Beautiful post. You must be a wonderful girl...and a lucky one at that.

"And she's not just beautiful on the outside, because sometimes I can see her thoughts, and they sparkle, and other times I can see them and they run like shadows on water, all dark, and deep, and they're just as beautiful as the sparkly ones. "....wonderful depiction...never considered "sparkly" to describe ones thoughts

Hey Jaime Its Gule, found u on Martyn's friends page.
That post was so cool :), bless ya! U write realy well.
Hope u're having fun at uni
Take care hun xxx

siiigh. that was so sweet. i loved the way you wrote that too. so cute, the last line the last line! fits so perfectly. i will save this entry, and will never give up until someone says something like that about me and vice versa

David must have said something like that at some point. It's a very him/me thing to do...

oh my life.
I wouldn't know what to say about that. That's beautiful.
I think you're both very much suited :) awww bless.


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