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She was travelling with me again, soul shining out...
I had a few pieces of writing on a disk at work, but somehow I think I managed to erase the disk (or it was cleverly swapped by somebody else intent on stealing my work), so I'll never get to post them now. Included were various damning indictments of world governments, a stupid survey, a few personal things... Nothing special.

Anyway, on with the actual show, it's Friday, which means tomorrow is Saturday, which means the day after is Sunday, when I'll hopefully get to see Rachel again. But more immediate than that is Liam's birthday party, tomorrow night, which should be great fun - am very much looking forward to it. The down side is that it involves five hours of travel each way, but I can do that - back when I was sort of seeing Jo, I travelled to Manchester and back in the same day and still had time to go on a date while I was there, so it's not so difficult...

I did another Good Deed today, it's rather scary... I was stood at the bus stop, and a girl ran past on her way to school and spilled the contents of her bag all across the pavement, so I helped her pick it all up. She looked to be only a little Year 7, and I felt massive pangs of pity because I can still remember what it was like to be all young and scared of the world and stuff, and.. I dunno... Juts felt really sorry for her. And then after I did it, I saw two Red Kites flying around in the sky - spooky coincidences like that are what keep the world interesting :o)

I'm writing another song, entitled "I needed another song to complete my EP", because I really can't be bothered with coming up with wank emo names for stuff... Anyhow, they're not that emo, because I try to play them fast and with nice distortion and stuff on my guitar, just to distance myself from certain aspects of that genre. Don't wanna be emo, damnit :o)

I have about 74 hours of work to go before I go back to Uni... I spoke to Jimbo for a while on the phone last night, and I remembered what's been bothering me all summer - I left half my stuff down there. My CD collection, my camera, a good few other important things... When I packed up and left, I was still with Mel, and was thinking that the two of us would be going down to Brighton regularly. I specifically remember telling my father that it didn't matter if I forgot something, because I'd be back there in a couple of weeks anyway. Three days later, I break up with Mel, and then Rachel comes along, and suddenly I have no desire to go down to Brighton any more. But... my CDs..... *sigh*

Oh, and I must remember - on my way up to Manchester, I have to write to Mr Ryder, my a-level chemistry teacher. He's been in America for the last year so I've not been able to keep in touch with him, but now that he's back I ought to start. It'd be a shame to lose touch, he was kinda one of my main role models in the last three years of my school life, and a great source of inspiration and whathaveyou...


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