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You're the exception to every rule I ever broke
Yay for inappropriateness. If that's even a word, I'm not sure... Anyway, last night, after various stuff, I settled down to watch Blade 2, which was okay, ish... The computer generated scenes were so obviously just that, and looked very different to the rest of the action which was somewhat off-putting. The plot was predictable from the start (at least I thought so), but in general, it wasn't bad as such. Just straightforward and a bit transparent around the edges.

That might explain why I have such an overwhelming desire to sleep right now, perhaps. Still, no can do, I'm at work. I did a good thing at the bus stop this morning, as it goes... I was stood there, waiting for my bus, and these kids a few metres away were setting dried grass alight. Now maybe I'm getting old, but I can't think of a single good reason why a twelve year old would need to be in possession of a lighter. I mean let's be fair, in your average day-to-day twelve year old existence, what situations are you going to encounter where combustion is your chosen course of action?

Regardless, I got all responsible, and considered going over there and telling them to knock it off... The only thing being, there were a lot of them, and while I'm not exactly scared of the little hooligans, it was off-putting if simply for the fact that with lots of them in a group, there's a lot of reason for them not to back down. It's all about looking cool in front of your friends. Then the kid lit a piece of grass and threw it at another boy, and at this point I just figured I might as well do something.

So I went over, said something along the lines of "You know, there's a reason they tell you not to play with fire, be careful okay?", and went back to where I was standing before. As far as I'm aware, the kid put the lighter away, and quit it - another blow struck for being a responsible adult. I glanced over periodically while still waiting for the bus, just so that they got the Big Brother Is Watching You style feelings that would deter them from burning anything else. Then my bus came, with theirs behind me, so I can be sure that they're not setting light to anything else.

Now am I just being stuck up and all overly responsible, or did I do the right thing? I don't like the idea of any kids playing with fire, they're just not old enough to fully appreciate the consequences (whereas I did a-level chemistry, I've seen people lose eyebrows). And if they're going to be throwing burning stuff at each other, even grass, then they need to stop. Or am I being too parental?

Anyway, karma-wise, my reward for that good deed (for I kinda think it was) followed while I was on the bus. Around where we live, we get Red Kites, which are these beautiful birds of prey which are reasonably rare in this country except for a couple of areas. Ours is one such area. I'd only ever seen them in flight (when they're impressive - 4ft wingspan or something astonishing like that), but I'd never seen one that had landed. Well as the bus passed a field, there was a beautiful Red Kite, sitting on a water trough just inside the field. It was like a falcon or an eagle or something in how it looked, stood upright, looking around. It was really rather beautiful, and very cool.

So yeah, that's how the world worked today - I did a good thing for people, and was rewarded by seeing something pretty and new in nature. Go nature :o)

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the youth of today do not have tufty or other suck icons of safeness.


on the other hand...the kid probably has a lighter because he smokes.

Yep, you did the right thing... most people would have turned a blind eye (myself included).
Yay for Jaems, defender of society ;)

Well to be fair, I'd probably not have done the same in Brighton - the kids there can be demons, I have to share the train to Uni with a load of kids at Falmer school, and they're evil.

But here, I live in a small village. I vaguely know these kids, I know some of their parents, I know some of their siblings, and I certainly know their teachers. If they'd turned around and told me to fuck off, I'd probably have spent this lunch time up at the school having a right old go at the head :o)

Heh.. country bumpkin :p

And, that's Falmer school for you... Varndean and B+H High school kids are better... Stringer kids are evil.

I'm of the opinion that all the kids in Brighton are evil, actually... That's half the reason I kinda like not being around during the school holidays :o)

Personally, I'd have done nothing. I wouldn't have a problem with it. Now, if they were trying to start a serious fire, then I would have done something...

But what do I know, I wear clothes with huge holes burnt in them. Heh.

Red Kites are purty.

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