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this is the second time i've ever written this to you: but if this isn't about me i shall just go to austrailia as soon as possible.

you asked me to write them down. i can't. maybe if i send them to you they'll be saved? they're the two things i thought of on my way to the hospital for my dad. i pulled the car up in a layby and wrote them in my phone...

And just as before, yes it's about you. It's always about you, even when you don't think it is.

And yeah, I write down everything you send me, so if you tell them to me, they get saved. I stuck them in the post before this one (although it's just a private one)....

:) then i'll have to come find you in a few years, to claim them all back...

you can see the scene now:
rach: uh, hey you...
jamie: oh! thought you could just come BACK! did you?!
rach: i'm sorry! i never meant to run over alfr...
jamie: SHUT UP. and FUCK OFF! she was MY cat!
rach: *pout* *leaves trailer forever!*

later that night...

jamie: *fap fap fap fap fap*



You have been reading Sexy Losers... Yay, another young mind corrupted.

Anyhow, you can run her over all you like - the little git is indestructible. She woke me up meowing this morning... Granted, I was meant to be getting up and getting my bus, but instead I ignored her and went back to sleep instead of going to work :o)

It will be funny to look back on the texts someday though - I have MONTHS of them in various places....

MONTHS of high quality wachie in text form?! who could ask for anything more?!

plus, did you buy me a livejournal membership thing?

Heh... but there's no context, because I don't save my outgoing ones ;o)

It had run out.... Can't have you being all poor and free-user like...

:D i shall choose to ignore the previous comment in favour of FANKOO JAMIE!

Any time. I'd have done it way sooner, but you were already a paid user.... Then I happened to notice in your userinfo that you were down to free user again (see, I do read it), so I figured why not :o)

i went down to free in june :P

Well your userinfo page can't have updated itself, because when I first spoke to you (which was in July), you were a paid user on it, and I was like "damn, I can't do my usual thing and buy her a paid membership"...

Anyway, now it's back again :o)

No, your present is at my house, next to my computer :o)

next to your computer, after a game of strip poker and a bottle of vodka and some fun? ;P

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