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I said I wouldn't mention it, and I won't.

But click here anyway

That is all.

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I can't believe i'm saying this, but I like your point of view on the whole September 11th thing... a lot of what you said was true. But I still can't look at it the way you do, I guess it's because I live in the U.S. and actually have been there. Seeing it in person changes your point of view. But I do feel bad for all the innocent people killed by that monkey Bush too. Ta-Ta.

1) That's not my writing, it's dweezie's

2) She lives in the US, has done for all her life as far as I know

3) I spent a month in the US immediately before September of last year, and a week there shortly afterwards. Both visits included stays in Manhattan and Pennsylvania. I read US news articles every day. Am I somehow unqualified to hold an opinion because I live in another country?

A link from your journal increases my readership by about 600%.

Of course, we have to account for the at least 60% of your readers who can't spell "hot" without two t's, let alone pronounce "commemorate." hehe

Anyway, I'm honoured. ;o)

Well yeah, I'm hardly the bastion of intelligent audiences or anything... :o)

I just thought it was a good piece, and I try to link to good stuff :o)

My appreciation can't be measured. :o)

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