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New Life
I'm done being me. I'm going to be somebody else for a change. Being me wasn't so much fun.

Right, so where to begin? Changing who you are really isn't the most simple of processes - it takes time, effort, and probably money. Firstly, I'm saying goodbye to bad hair days, with a black tube of gunk with the word "FCUK" written on the side. Allegedly it's some form of hair gel type stuff. Now I get to style my hair properly before going out. Always good.

Secondly - shaving. I'm fed up of being vaguely fuzzy all the time, and as such, I am now going to shave regularly. While it's nice not to wake up every morning knowing I have to, I'm only prolonging the inevitable. To celebrate, I bought a rather expensive bottle of aftershave - I may as well smell nice while I'm at it, eh...

Stop buying sweets. They're bad for me. Plus, they're costing me a LOT every week. Like over �20, perhaps over �30. This must stop. I refuse to pollute my body with excess sugar any more.

I want nice clothes. Designer clothes. I don't know why. Perhaps consumerism finally got to me. With the money I save on sweets, I shall be able to buy them. First thing is a nice jacket to go out in - then some nice tops to also go out in. My Chinos will do for now in the way of trousers...

Learn to dance. I'm fed up with just jiggling, I'm going to bloody well get the hang of this clubbing thing, even if it kills me.

Work hard in class. The new James wants to stay in university for at least his 3 years, and as such, should attend things. Fun should not get in the way of this.

That's it. Let's see how well I manage it...

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You really really want to get down to your nearest Next shop. Due to the Winter sales you can pick up a smashing shirt for about £10, that would usually cost £40+.

Any other consumer products you may need just ask.

It'll be hard, but good luck!

"Firstly, I'm saying goodbye to bad hair days" - at least you still have enough hair to have such days :-(

"Secondly - shaving" - Why do you think I keep my beard?

"Stop buying sweets" - Good call!

"I want nice clothes. Designer clothes" - I say again, try the charity shops. I am not ashamed to say that I buy all my suits from said establishments (not that you want suits) and I only buy good (usually M & S) stuff and have never paid more than £20. It also helps one's conscience. I get a cheap suit and the charity gets some money. You ought to check them out.

"Learn to dance" - I wanna see the video

"Work hard in class" - a sign of maturity...

Good Luck!!

God Help You James Webley!

Oh what am I going to do with you!!! Nice intentions, and v glad abou the shaving thing! What have I always said!?!?! Why was I not mentioned in your list of friends in a previous post? Humph, c u Becca %-)

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