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I had a lie-in today... I kept waking up, then drifting back off to sleep...

I had some dreams, which were interesting... In the first, me, Jimbo, Claire and Alex were at Uni. For some reason, we said something to her that made her angry. We ran away from her as fast as we could, but scarily, she was faster than us. When she caught up with us, I woke up almost screaming, the prospect was that scary. I guess I still fear her after the incident with the knife and my throat..... :o)

Then there was the dream where I was back at Uni, except my lessons were now taking place in my sixth form, and I had the same maths teacher that I did at a-level. I didn't much fancy telling her I went from being the clear best in the school to getting a 38.2% average this year having not attended lectures... Oh well, I'll try harder next time - I've got an incentive.

There were loads of other dreams, just because I woke up every ten minutes, then went back and dreamed something else... But I can't remember them, and I wouldn't want to bore anybody with them anyway...

12 days of work left... And then I can get the hell out of this place, and I'm in the mood never to return. Simply because this is the longest I've ever worked here - it'll have been something like twelve weeks, whereas the last two summers I've only done eight or nine... It would be different if I was earning money I could actually spend, but I have to be careful because everything I earn is going towards being able to live at Uni, and have the good time that I've been delaying for the last two years...

Being back will be fun though... The first weekend back, I might give it a shot recording the songs I wrote this summer... Those being
  • I tried to be hardcore but instead I wrote a shitty emo song
  • Fuck you harder than Tenacious D
  • Stupidly in Love
(although that last name might want changing, depends on what I come up with)

Anyway, work time (ish)....

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work time?! :O such insolence in the young one, madre. have you ever noticed how melted peanut butter looks like baby diahorrea? ho hum. i'm in the house on my own. any self respecting teenager would be wanking by now. i am... on the computer. dammit. i don't think we have any cucumbers anyway.

!! I am shocked !!

Well, not really, but I have to keep up the pretense that I'm shockable (which I'm not).

Obviously had I known that you'd be home alone then I'd have had my mother take me to your house instead to give you and hand an' all, but.....

i'm always home alone! my parents work all day and my sister's back at school now. *sigh* i suppose i'll put the cucumbers on the shopping list. meh. and i'd better go down to the school. where's my libido gone? maybe i expended it all at the fish... ;)

Yeah, I thought you were meant to be at the school, like, ages ago...

And you may have expended it at the fish, but I bloody didn't... *pouts and whines and quotes Romeo and Juliet*

i went. came back. have to go again now. dammit. and i was enjoying a good sit.

still, even if you haven't, i'm sure all shall be rectified by next week. now that's erection maintenance for ya... :P

Oh.. how come you have to go back?

And you, missy, are just cruel. And yet I put up with all of it... Argh, I'm a foooooooooooool :oP

Fuck you harder than Tenacious D

i'd forgotten about that, my hard-rockin' amigo!

(wasn't it "fuck *her* harder...? or am i misremembering?)

Yeah, although it's the working title of the song I wrote at Reading, with all the "fuck you"s in it, so the minor change seemed appropriate....

i thought the one you wrote at reading was 'I tried to be hardcore but instead I wrote a shitty emo song'?

Nah, that's the one I wrote in July, about when I first met Rachel :o)

fuck her gently, actually :p

Well done for missing the point :oP

Obviously, the Tenacious D song is "fuck her gently", thus why mine and Shanu's song is "fuck her harder than Tenacious D" :oP

I knew that. I just mis-read shanu's comment, and thought he meant "wasn't the original T.D. song called 'fuck her harder'", rather than 'wasn't your song originally called ...". My bad.

that's the t-d original, when i read the title i said "hey, let's write a song called 'fuck her harder than tenacious d'". :)

Yeah, gotcha, heh.
I didn't read your comment properly :)

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