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Nude Videos!
No, I'm just kidding - there will be no nude videos. Okay, allow me to clarify (since there already exist some nude videos), there will be no public nude videos. That'd be taking exhibitionism to a level that I'm not entirely sure I want to get to, and also, I don't have an agent yet :oP

So, it's Tuesday... Only two more Tuesday mornings to go now, since this one is already underway. How reassuring... I'm getting closer to the "two weeks left" mark. I'm already at the point where I only have one more weekend at home. Of course, since last weekend was London, the weekend before was Manchester, the weekend before was Reading, and the weekend before my parents weren't here, I've kinda only had one more weekend with my parents around for ages now...

Speaking of parents, my entire family is going out on the 19th of September, and I may have justification not to go in to work on that day. Am considering spending the day in my house, if people wanted to come over. Not that anybody ever does - I live in the sticks, and it's not a nice place to be. Just a thought.

Ooh, in good news, Claire got home from Canada last week. Then finally this week she starts talking to me, which is an improvement on past situations at least... She and Jimbo aren't happy about the sheer amount of fun in my life right now, which is a new thing for me. Not that I've been boasting - I think Jimbo has been exaggerating what I've been getting up to or something... :o)

Oh God damn you, you will burn in the eternal lake of fire for this, after I have eaten your soul. Uh, sorry, nothing serious - somebody just nicked a bit of kit I was using to run some tests, and it's set me back half an hour in terms of getting readings... My entire setup has been complicated by the fact that I now have a double complex gas system with multiple pressure division points and.. argh...

So I have nitrogen coming into a moisture generator. This then splits up and goes through two pressure regulators - one stream goes through a moisture oven, and the other stream bypasses it. But changing the distribution of gas between the two, we can control the moisture content, since more gas bypassing the oven means less moisture (the output of the oven is constant over a fixed interval however, so we have to just increase the bypass flow without changing the oven flow, but that's easy enough).

Anyway, the two gases are then mixed together again, hopefully in a good way but it's hard to tell with this thing. They then exit the moisture generator, and a variable proportion (controlled by me) is vented to atmosphere, giving us the ability to change the flow rate on exit. The gas then comes to a t-piece in the piping, and each direction goes through a pressure regulator. One route goes via one instrument, and the other route goes via the other instrument. Both instruments vent to atmosphere on exit.

However, in order to test the flow through our instrument, I have to put a primary flow meter in series with it, after the instrument. This works by directly measuring the volume of gas that passes through in a set amount of time, by using the pressure to push a little plastic thingie past some IR sensors. All fairly simple, a couple of valves, and you have a means of telling how long it takes to get 100cc's of gas through. However, unfortunately, this creates a small back pressure, which causes a decrease in flow through that branch, and increases the flow a little through the other branch of the system, through the other instrument. Which is a problem, because my instrument is flow-dependent. So measuring the flow changes it, and therefore the reading.

So I have to keep the flow meter on it at all times so that it has a constant effect. Which isn't possible if people keep nicking it... Grr...

But it's fine now, I have a new flow meter, and it's working okay... It's slightly inaccurate, but that's not too much of a problem since the error is likely to be constant, and thus won't affect what I'm doing. Anyway, enough work nonsense, it's boring me. Onto something else.

I think I had the audacity recently to tell Rachel (probably in a condescending tone, for which I apologise) that I've never kissed a girl I didn't fancy. I think I then corrected myself for a couple of exceptions, but now that I've had a chance to think about it, I've realised quite how few of the people I've ever kissed I've actually fancied... Out of the 19 I've kissed, I've fancied about 8 of them (KAJJJMRS). That's hardly a good record really, but the point remains that the people I really want tend not to want me back, as a rule.

This in turn reminds me that I've only done 'more than kissing' with seven people (KALHJMR), which is.. I dunno.. less than I think I had been thinking... Ah, so much innocence still to lose... (well, not really, but y'know)

Heh, I'd go off on a sexual tangent, but I don't think anybody actually wants to read that, so I shan't :o)

There's a difference between honesty and needless cruelty. Just an observation...

Tomorrow is the eleventh of September. I'd get into an "I remember exactly where I was when I heard about it" thing, but I don't believe things like that are in any way productive, and I'm not quite sure why every news broadcasting channel / paper / website is running such a story. Does hearing that Joe Smith heard the news while in an elevator in LA really help anybody deal with any of this? The whole situation has been engineered into some massive public interest entity that isn't interesting in the slightest. I'm sure people expect me to write something about it all tomorrow, and I'm not yet sure... I'm either going to write something uncharacteristically sensitive, something extremely provocative and "get a fucking grip"-like, or I'm just going to protest and not write a thing. Who knows...

I'm sick of this. The world has turned into such a bad place in the last year. For many, the terrorist attacks came as a wake-up call regarding what humanity is capable of. Well big deal, I already knew they were capable of things like that. What shocked me is what we as a race are capable of in the aftermath of such an event - the lengths that we'll go to in order to take some petty revenge on anybody who looks vaguely brown.

For instance, the number of hindus and sikhs who were attacked in the wake of it all was shocking - what the fuck did hindus ever do to anybody, apart from look brown and come from the other side of the world? Is that all the justification that's needed these days to persecute a race? Oops, stupid me - of course it is. And the military action - I had always said that the world wars could never be repeated because it was impossible for a country to be so misled as to act in the way that Nazi Germany did. The USA has proved me well and truly stupid on that count - I now truly believe that if the American media told the nation to gather up arms and fight Islam, a lot of the population probably would. Nine months ago, they certainly would have - suddenly you have a nation so hell-bent on revenge that they'll do anything in order to feel like justice has been done.

So tomorrow, let's remember the people killed in Afghanistan, who never got to see this glorious freedom that the US promised them. Let's remember the people who will inevitably be killed in Iraq in yet more pointless bloodshed. Let's remember the allied soldiers killed by friendly fire in military operations that proved pointless and did nothing. Let's remember the muslims who were locked up in this country for months without due process, without a trial, without any rights, simply because they were perceived as a threat.

Let's remember the people who, in the wake of the news that 6000 were dead in New York, called for us to go and kill 12000 arabs as pay back. Let's remember the people who declared that losses in Afghanistan were acceptable so long as the US caught its man. Let's remember the person responsible for more deaths than any terrorist attack ever caused - the idiot son of an asshole, Mister George W Bush. Let's remember that the world is an even more horrible place, and that much of this is his fault.

I can feel rheumatism coming on in my right knee, so I may well be unable to walk before too long - hooray for sickening pain. Best find a warm room to sit in for a bit, that always seems to help :o)

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(Deleted comment)
No, it was a Me impression....

(Deleted comment)
He was obviously based on my character. And Rik Mayall.

Yup, a week on Thursday... My brother and sister have the day off school, so they're all going to Drayton Manor Park or somewhere....

and you don't want to go?!

I've been lots before, I don't feel like it. I'd rather get paid than go play on crappy rollercoasters....

Oi!!! You'll put moi outta business all this soul eating you're doing :(

Stop! Or i will have to sumfing mean 2 you!!!!

The official total...

...for three all attacks, including those on the planes and the rescue crew, was around 3000.

Incidentally, you forgot to mention those held at the Camp X-Ray concentration camp this time around.

Re: The official total...

I know, but I distinctly recall a post in AFAA or somewhere that said "They kill 6000 of ours, we'll kill 12000 of theirs", so....

And yeah, let's add them to the list. Ah, I love brutal injustice... :o\

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