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Pretend you and your friends are clowing around in the playground after a grueling day of enduring pinko liberal verbal diarrhea spewing forth from the mouth of some diseased homo intellectual teacher. In the morning, you had stowed your weapons beneath nearby shrubbery before arriving on campus, and now you're ready for your daily after-school round of live-fire Capture the Flag. Now while you're engaged in this harmless diversion, let's imagine that a small platoon of heavily-armed Arab terrorists arrives on the scene, intent on carrying out a ritualistic mass suicide bombing which will effectively decimate both the school and a surrounding 4 block radius blast zone. To make things even more difficult, said Arabs are sporting the latest in space-aged kevlar soft armor. It's up to YOU and your friends to diffuse this threat to Norman Rockwell Democracy - so what ammunition do you want in that weapon of yours??!!

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O_0. eek.
are you sure this isn't a joke page?

it's done by these people
so hehe i think it is. I mean...kooky kids korner? KKK?


Thanks for answering - I couldn't quite think of the right words to say ;o)

Jamie? Speechless? SHOCKING!!!


There was a movie about that, you know.... Red Dawn?

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