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Come on, admit it... Who here reads Sexy Losers? There's no shame in it, really....

(really though, it's arguably the funniest thing ever, so long as your sense of humour (and stomach) is up to it)

Be honest :o)

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never heard of it before, but when i saw this:
i realised that it was something very special indeed.

Isn't it just? You need to reads lots in order to properly get the hang of the characters, but the whole thing is an example of the sort of humour that Childrens BBC will never show us...

Well, never heard of it before this moment. Admittedly it's sick, but if you go for that sort of humor it's well drawn. So, it has something going for it.

And, yes, I am guilty of going through about 20 of them. Boredom will do that to a person.


Well drawn? Pfft, who cares? It could be stick figured and be almost as funny... The sense of humour behind it is truly excellent :o)

debatable. it turns my stomach to be sure, but it is smart.

That's just because you're easily shocked... :o)

I read it when it was "The Thin H Line"... The necrophiliac series...

*phwap, phwap, phwap, phwap... [ad infinitum]

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