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Another Monday down... Just two to go.... And now it's Pissing Off Home time, in the rain I expect...

This morning, there was a girl on the bus, and I thought she was perhaps cute (I only saw her face for a moment, and then I was behind her, and she had nice hair) but it turned out I was blind, and she was actually not. I should stop looking for pretty people around this area - there are none. Take me back to Brighton, where the girls wear bikinis in the streets, and there are two universities worth of students, and I live with Jimbo who is such fun to live with sometimes.... I'm counting down the seconds until I can return...

.. and then again, there's things I'd be leaving behind that I'd miss far more than any random girls in bikinis.......

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i know i never see you anyway, but now the chance to see you is diminished :( i'll miss you

Well don't waste time missing me, just come see me whenever you miss me instead :o)

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