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Right. That does it.

Liam, Ste, you bloody doubters. Complaining about me not sending you naked pictures. Well blah. So as an exercise in being a TOTAL exhibitionist, I've posted nude pictures on my LJ. If you want to be included in the group that can see them, let me know here, and I'll let you. I'll even help you write the blackmail note if you so wish.

(note: offer open to people on my friends list only, further restrictions may apply)

Who is Ste?? I get so confused whenever I see that.. haha


Ste = nozza, whose most notable trait is that he's not the worst guy I've ever kissed :o)

Friends group changed. Prepare to go blind ;o)

go on then. i wait with baited breath..

Done. Laugh away, biatch, but know this - I got naked at you before you got naked at me.

I'm probably the only person in the WORLD who can say that to you :o)

Re: nozza Expand
hmm i doubt there will be any nude pictures..

There are. Both eliaalariel and nozza have seen them... They're in the post before this one (number 3600, woo for round numbers), which has a special friends group on it. People have to be added to said group before they can see them, that's all.


meep, i dont see any! i want to see ^_^

am i on your friends list? i'm doubting that you're really putting up pics but also dreadfully curious. i just need my eyes for school, though, so only put up a small pic that i can look at with one eye. hehe.

Oh, they exist alright, but I won't blind you with them.... :oP

XD add me to the list! =P

hmm im confused as to why i dont see any.. yet i appear to be on your list, ack, my brain! >.o

Try looking now.... :o)

Right, you've been added to the list then... :o)

::dweezie contemplates the opportunity::

Alright. I'm not scared. If they're up for the sharing, go ahead and add me.

Couldn't possibly say no to your hot userpic, so...

I'm not scared.

*puts on Yoda voice*

You will be... ;o)

Okay, you're on the list now, go see my LJ and it should be the post immediately before this one...

Ewww you posted like proper naked pics? not just "look I'm naked see my shoulders"? ewwwwwwwww
I dunno what to be more concerned about the fact that you posted naked pics or that people want to see them :P

Be worried that people want to see them. People like me. C'mon, Jamie!

You know, at first I doubted you, but... after reading all those comments... I'll take your word for it...

I wouldn't say I was going to do that and then not do it...

I won't believe it until I see the evidence, so put me on yuor lits, dammit!

Okay, done... It's the same picture I sent to Mel and Sheepie when I first joined amp :o)


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