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Do you miss meaning everything to me?
Reel Big Fish were good... Support bands weren't bad either, although my perception of them is kinda affected by how much fun I was having at the time, so...
I remember when we first met
It was freshman summer
I can't forget
And daydreams of you and I
Wrote your name in my folder
A thousand times
So why cant I just let you go
When I know I should
And why cant I just let you go
When I know I should but I'm not sure I ever could
Work again tomorrow... Only three weeks and then I can get back home to Brighton again... I really can't wait, now more than ever, just to be back there - I miss the life I used to have. And I really think that all the changing I've done over this summer is only going to improve how things are for me down there - either way, I'm through with this place.
Well i remember when we first met
And now im left to weather
If youll be gone forever
But daydreams of you and I
Theres a place where I dont need to try
It's funny, I wrote a song and two people said they could relate to it - I think that makes me pretty emo... I don't know if that's a good thing in itself, but still, it's a step up from nothing....
It doesn't seem to matter what you say
You will never feel the same
It doesn't seem to matter what you do
I will fall in love with you
And everyday I think we grow apart
I saw it from the start
I guess I knew that you and I won't be
It doesn't mean that I can't dream
About you
Think about you still
Complete a part of me
I never knew I had to fill
Give you anything
Like the times I'd sing
On the phone to you
Was not the easiest thing to do
You know its true
You know it could've been this way
And I swear by my heart
There is nothing on earth that will keep us apart
And all I have I swear I give to you
And all that I say
You and I will begin this way
When you fall in love with me
The problem is, I like listening to music more than I like writing it, so I'll probably forever be doomed to play covers more often than not...

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go emo boy!
ur lyrics rock.

i've never been to brighton.

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