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Oh dear...

This article, regarding this site makes for interesting reading indeed... The site too is interesting, but the complaints against it are what trouble me. One of the complaints is that the site provides links to the websites of groups "that have been widely criticized in the press and by experts as soft on terrorism". Now here I was, thinking that an opinion is an opinion, and that everybody is entitled to one. In America, freedom of speech is guaranteed in the constitution, and if somebody wants to say that they don't think terrorism is that bad, then (stupid though they are), they should be allowed to say it.

I've given up trying to reason anything out about the Israel/Palestine situation in general... On the one hand, Israel seem to have taken a lot of their repressed aggression out on the Palestinians, and it is a matter of UN policy that they are currently occupying land that rightfully belongs to the Palestinians. On the other hand, I'd be better able to sympathise with Palestine if its citizens would stop considering every single Jew as the enemy, and would quit blowing up civilians. Then again, they're ill-equipped to fight the Israeli military, since they have no military of their own. Having said that, they've demonstrated that terrorism doesn't make progress and yet they still continue it.

I could go on for days with "on the other hand..." stuff, because ultimately, everybody is in the wrong. I don't try to say Palestine is in the right, so much as say that Israel is in the wrong. But I digress. The point is that the above PBS website has been censored, in effect, due to lobbying from Zionists who think that any opinion other than their own is invalid. Especially in America, where the pro-Jewish side is told more often than not, it should be allowed for the pro-Palestine side to be told, shouldn't it? If we're to have any bullshit propaganda, at least allow all propaganda and let the people make their own minds up...

As time goes on, the difference between Zionist extremists and Nazis tends towards zero...

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I wasn't going to read that, on principle, because I'm sick of the Israel and Palastine arguments. But it was only short, so I couldn't help myself.
I refuse to make my comment relevant to the situation though. Instead I shall argree with you in your attack on censorship. Err. Yes.
[/pointless post]

All hail the comment whore.

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