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I got this:
Thilly bus :) Whack it back to life yah? :) Ping! *whack* M33p m33p! RaaR! I keel ye! L!5@rGH!!!!!!
I have now decided that Lisa isn't scary. She's obviously a demon, and totally loopy, but she's kinda more like those cuddly Cthulu toys you can buy, rather than a scary demon... This makes me far better able to sleep (which I just did, for four hours).

I'm bored. And a bit hungry.

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RaaR!!!!! Moi scary! RaaR!!!!!

Meep meep!

*runs away roadrunner styley*

Not scary - cute and cuddly. Ha!! :oP

Dat ish so mean!

I am offended :0(

Aww, bless your warm little heart ;o)

Now i shall have to prod you with hot pokers till you scream little boi!

That's what she WANTS you to think...

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